General & Others Revenge/Vengeance in One Piece

Hello everyone,

''Revenge'' has never been a thing in OP, everytime someones fights to ''avenge'' it doesn't work or partially.
A few examples come to mind :
- Law in DR; got his ass hnded to him by DD ne couldn't accomplish his ''revenge''.
- Minks against Jack; they ''beat'' him but he is already up again and going for their asses.

The only time it works is when there is anothwr motivation behind; like the characyer being on ''the way'' so Luffy and co need to take him down to move on.

If anyone has any case of ''revenge'' that worked then please post it and we can discuss.

So no Zoro is not fighting Orochi to ''avenge'' Yasui and Luffy isn't gonna beat BB or Akainu to ''avenge'' Ace.