Pain to tha World….
Name: Rihan
Affiliation: Nex Pirates
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height & Weight: 6’5 205lbs
Appearance: Rihan is a decently tall man of half fish man and half human origin, he has a darker skin tone; closer to a Caramel color. His skin is scarred with a vertical jagged scar going from his left pectoral up into his lower neck. He sports sharp shark like teeth as well as three 4in long gills under both his eyes granted to him by his fish man ancestry. Above his gills his Ruby Red eyes always seem to hold a sleepy or bored countenance unless he’s very surprised or shocked by an event or person, as for his attire he generally is seen wearing an all white long sleeve Kimono that reaches a few inches past his hands. It has tha Kanji for Murder in that same blood red embroidered dead center on tha Kimonos back. When it comes to his pants Yamamoto prefers black Joggers that reach to tha top of his ankles, this leads into a pair of black straw slippers. He does sport a few accessories, which include. A gold rosary around his neck, along with a pair of gold earrings and a gold bracelet around his right wrist completes his ensemble

Personality: As far as his personality goes, Rihan is generally a laid back person and has been described as nonchalant on most matters. He tends to be very informal to people and prefers to be called Han, since calling him by his full name makes him feel like he’s in trouble. This does beguile his intellect and cunning in certain situations when it calls for it. He’s known to be very mischievous as well. While he may not show it at all times in an outward fashion, he does have penchant for violence and escalating situations to tha extreme. But along with that violence there are certain lines he won’t cross, such as “no violence or crime against or in tha presence of women or children” “no killing on an empty stomach”. Tho he is an extremely violent person, he doesn’t believe in killing simply to kill, since he sees that as an abuse of ones own strength and forcibly oppressing those whom you are weaker than, this derives from tha abuse and pain that was forced onto him during his time in his foster home

Background: Not being entirely sure where he was born, Rihans earliest memories was at a foster home in _______________________. Where he was raised in tha poorer parts of tha city by a man who was tha owner of said foster home and the 10 other foster kids who lived there at tha time. Tha dialect in tha area he grew up in was more broken and pieced together English with a certain twang to it, tha lack of a proper education didn’t help at all either. Food and space wasn’t tha most abundant commodity in tha household so beds and meals were rationed and most times, since he was tha youngest, Rihan would be tha one to get lesser portions or sleep on tha floor. This was how life was for most of Rihans early years. Once he got a lil older, To try and get more food to eat Han started stealing small bits of food from tha food stalls around town. Initially he would get caught and reprimanded or brought back to tha foster home where tha man who owned tha home would scold him and not let him eat that night since he “stole plenty to fill his belly”. This was how things went for a few weeks, until Han started getting tha hang of sleight if hand and watching people’s hands and eyes for tha opportune time to make his move. Eventually tho, his time in tha foster home got no better, so one night after not being allowed to eat for tha 3rd straight day and being beat for talking back to tha foster home owner. Rihan waited for tha whole house to sit down and eat dinner and as they were eating, he pulled out tha chef knife he had swiped earlier that night and started stabbing and slashing at everyone in tha house. Eventually tha man who owned tha foster home was tha last alive and Han made him cook him a full meal for himself, once he finished off every morsel on tha plate he slashed him across her stomach with tha blade, then slashed his throat open and watched as he tried to keep tha life fluid in his body. That night he burned tha foster home to tha ground and never looked back, over tha next 8 years, he would end up in and out prison for his various criminal acts including attempted murders, robberies, drug dealing, and weapons dealing. Most of which ended up in witnesses not showing up to speak in court....After finally getting convicted of a double homicide at 19. He found himself in Impel Down sentenced to 30 years. During those first 2 years in Impel Down, his cell mate was a man who looked to be tha same age as he. Over tha months that they were cell mates tha 2 became friends and Rihan learned that his cell mates name was Katsumi over tha months they talked bout tha outside world and what they wanted to do if they could see tha sun again. This seemed it would remain a pipe dream....Until one day while they were jus trying to survive in Impel Down, one of tha prison guards stood too close to tha cell that housed him, seeing tha opportunity that presented itself to him, Han reached out and grabbed tha guard by his chin and tha top of his head and violently tourqued his head until he heard a gruesome snap. With tha guard dead, he reached out and liberated tha keys to his cell from tha corpse, turning back to look at his friend Rihan grinned evilly and nodded at Katsumi saying “tha Gods have blessed us, we’re outta this hellhole” and proceeded to unlock tha other prisoners cells and started a prison riot while everyone was getting rounded up, Rihan and Katsumi used tha mayhem and confusion to slip away and make their way up tha floor. Once they reached tha top they sprinted to freedom and decided then to make a pirate crew


Level 25
Speed: 25+8=33
-Movement: 33
-Durability: 33
Martial Arts: 25
-Fish-Man Karate:50
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