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katakuri has a meito. thats crazy
They might as reveal the ranking and stuff…like I can’t imagine that’ll be something so ultra important that we can’t get in this booklet, Oda we are in the final stage ffs

honestly Killer’s Punishers have the most random name drop, like it came out of nowhere, but it shows that all it takes in canon manga to tell us these minor info is a single line in one small panel
It’s his hybrid, you might be just kidding but people will actually believe you
Also it seems that at one point Oda was considering to let him use dragon claws instead of club
Damn why Oda??
Claws would be so much greater and more lethal and badass
Guess fighting with claws doesn't match with a Dragon/Ogre and he stick with his club
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Chapter 1042: fight seems to end with Kaido scratches the shit out of Luffy's scalp
Wow that's dark lol
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I think Oda just went with the design that was easiest to draw fighting, but it’s a damn shame we’re not going to see this design in action, would’ve made a better contrast between his base and hybrid forms too
I can't tell Kaido's forms apart, they almost look the same to me.
This one would have been a good change
Here it is strongly implied that Gryphon, Shanks' sword, is a Meito, as it is presented alongside Oto and Kogarashi (Shiki's swords), who are confirmed to be Meitos of unknown rank.
Furthermore, Katakuri's weapon, the trident called Mogura, is also implied to be a Meito of unknown rank.
In fact, the label next to these 3 has the wording "unknown grade"

On the contrrary, next to Law's Kikoku and Kaido's Kanabo, the wording is "No Grade", which is consistent with the answers present in the SBS.

it is not just them.
unknown grade features griffon, mogura and shiki swords in the images but there is a very extense list of other unknown grade right after it
- kuro: neko no te
- yosaku and johnny swords
- krieg: daisensou
- arlong: kiribachi
- dorry: terry sword
- broggy: bruiser axe
- enel: nonosama staff
- t-bone sword
- funkfried
- punishers
- hawkins: straw sword
- hannyabal: spear
- shiryu: sword
- franky shogun: franken
- soul solid
- hody: kirisame
- cavendish: durandal
- bastille sword
- cracker: pretzel
- amande: shirauo
- big mom: napoleon
- one i can not read
- momousagi sword
- yamato club

every named weapon that has not a grade confirmed or not confirmed to be no grade is listed as unknown grade.

and then rayleigh vista and fujitora swords are listed as unknown names.