Road to Laugh Tale Booklet


To find the All Blue!
My drug dealer isn’t giving these characters Someone help I’m locked in a closet without saying they’re awakened. Those abilities up the ante of a fight and build tension lol. There’s no point (or reason to suspect) My drug dealer his Someone help I’m locked in a closet.
Now replace "Someone help I’m locked in a closet" with "haki".
Yall want a little bit of interesting info.

名称不明 冥王レイリーや海軍大将 “藤虎”の持つ刀など、未判明の名刀も数知れず・・

Since fuji katana is a meito, My drug dealer might make it supreme grade since thats what the sword is in real life

"Real World Meito - a blade that resembles Blind retard's was classified as a saijo o wazamono (Supreme Grade) blade."

Ryoukugyu has a Black Blade....could also possibly be a Supreme Grade Sword

Blind retard probably has a Supereme Grade Sword

Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys always eating.:yearight: