General Role-Play Convo Thread: The New Era Begins

@Dream @Dragomir @Frayz

Seems like we do need a host for twin capes afterall

@Jiihad and @Mr. Anderson wants to ask Crocus some questions. Are any of you GMs available to make a post and place Crocus somewhere for Jiihad and mr.anderson to find him?
Yea my b. Been busy with some shit

@Dragomir @Dream etc any of y’all can be a Hist for us? We’d really only need you for like 2-3 posts at max I think
I'm a little busy at the moment myself but I'll take it
Hm.. Then to offset the long time we will be waiting I propose that @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @Owl Ki and I might get in a few posts. Since we're not together with you atm. Depends on whether or not we three can find something good to write of course

What do you say boys?
Eh, if I have nothing constructive to add, I'll just have Malcolm take a nap or something. Might make things go faster. Lol.
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