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Respect Among Members:
You are expected to respect members as they would respect you. Breaking respect causes another member to insult you goes against this rule. Act your age and be the bigger man. Joking around is fine and all but keep respect among your peers.

Do Not Harass Moderators Or The Admin:
However, you may pester them in a friendly matter if your request needing grading has been sitting for 48 hours. Yet, if you do pester them, do not do it angrily nor in a way, a moderator or admin deems poorly mannered. Moderators and admin will tend to a member as fast as possible and as best as possible. If you feel that a moderator is wrong on something, go directly to the big honcho and ask for help if you really feel you need to.

Reporting Or Showing A Moderator's Misconduct:
This is allowed and permitted to the fullest. If a member catches a moderator of any kind saying something out of line, offensive, and rude to a member, that moderator is subject to punishment. Report moderator or member severe misconduct to an admin. Members have somewhat more leeway, however, do not take that lightly. Moderators are the face of the website and need to act properly. A moderator does not have the right to push members around and vice-versa. There is no bias when it comes to a moderator or member misconduct, it is absolute.

Follow The Standard RP Guidelines:
  • No content exceeding PG-13 regular content. Sexual acts and writings are not permitted. You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc, in any form.
  • Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. Keep it within context and be respectful in roleplay.
  • While explicit violence is permitted, please keep it tasteful within the setting.
  • Romantic writings and etc are allowed.
  • Staff reserve the right to request edits to articles or to remove content if they see you breaking any of these rules.
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The Responsibility of All RPers

Do players have a responsibility to make sure that everyone else is having fun, too?

The answer is always YES. Making other people happy and interested is actually the object of the game and the only way to "win".

RP definitely cannot be fully explored to its fullest potential until you get to know the players behind the characters you play with, for sure. Knowing what people enjoy and figuring out how you might be able to deliver it to them is a huge part of encouraging fun.

In order to enjoy your RP, you want people to like you and enjoy your characters and their stories! And the best way to do that is to be nice to them and to show genuine interest in what they have to offer.

[The job of a new player is] To grow as better writers while still enjoying themselves. We've all got a bit of ego in ourselves, and we won't always realize that we're not perfect and we need to learn and grow from more experienced Roleplayers.

But then you dig down keep, find that humility that will let you admit "Okay, I may be able to actually learn something here", and do it.

And experienced players weren't off the hook for constantly trying to improve their game (defined as generating more fun, not as winning) and being open to suggestions, either.

However, experienced players acquired additional responsibilities, including:
  • Welcoming new players and helping them learn the ropes -- even if this was just by pointing new players to someone who is better at - or has more energy for - teaching than themselves
  • Maturely dealing with drama, such as by stepping in as a neutral third party and helping two quarreling friends to see both sides and come to a resolution
  • Playing responsibly
It is not that experienced players need to be superheroes, always giving of themselves and never looking out for their own fun. It is about striking a healthy balance and giving back now and again.

A community that isn't able to do this is one that's on life support, as it can only ever lose members, never gain them.
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