[FNZ] Light game Round 06 : The Bachelor Season 24: A Jester on the Flight

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Host: @Dragomir
Rules and Gameplay: I've changed the claiming rule that was originally posted in the signups
  1. Claiming: there can only be ONE claim the ENTIRE game. After that claim is used up, nobody can claim anymore.
  2. Voting: to vote, please just write the word "vote" and the player name with it. All in bold. You do not need to unvote to change your votes. I will be keeping an updated vote tally in the second post of the game for each day phase.
  3. Cycles: each day phase will last 24-hours and each night phase 24-hours. In total, a 48-hour cycle. During the write-ups, I will post a countdown timer for you guys to keep track of the time.
  4. Posting: you must post at least twice a day to be considered active. Failure to do so once will lead you into being mod-blocked. A second time will yield a substitution or replacement.
  5. Dusk Phase: at the end of each day phase, their will be a dusk Phase for you guys to continue talking while I get the write-up going. You may not vote or submit any day actions during this time. It will not always be officially announced. It begins right after day ends or the vote cap has been reached.
  6. Majority Lynch: the lynch system I will be using is a majority lynch. For you guys to lynch someone, you must have reached the majority amount of votes on the player for that specific phase. Each day, I will post the amount of votes necessary for you guys to lynch. No majority = no lynch.
  7. Night Talk: for a certain part of the night phase, town will be allowed to talk. I will explain more when I start the game.
  8. Semi-Open Setup: the factions and number amount will be revealed in the opening post.

The Setup:
X amount of jesters
X amount of scum
X amount of Vanilla Town
1x Power Role

-Each day phase the host has to create a Group Date, 1 Single Date and choose 4 players for those dates not including Peter. 1 of those players that has the highest post count will be chosen for the single date while the rest are on the group date. The jesters, the town PR, and the scum will NOT be chosen for any of the dates.

-The dates will commence during the night phase. The player chosen for the single date will have to choose between being a Sane Cop or Vigilante for that night. The remaining 3 on the group will go through a series of events that will determine what action that can be performed for them. All these events are intertwined with the events on the show. During these events, the players may choose an action. Choosing the correct one leads to having a power role for the night. The incorrect one has you stay as a vanilla.

-At the last 8 hours of the night phase, there will be a Cocktail Party. This party is meant for the players to discuss during and do everything that they would in a DP without a lynch. They can still turn in actions if they have a power role.

1. @Flower - Vanilla Townie - Killed N1
2. @TheAncientCenturion
3. @AL sama
4. @Bogard - Jester - Lynched D2
6. @Dark Admiral
7. @Don DaSlayer
8. @Kiwipom
9. @Relapse
10. @Finalbeta
11. @Reborn - Jester - Lynched D1
12. @Poison Chan
13. @jinri
14. @Queen

Write-ups & Phases:
Day 1 Lynch
Night 1 End/Day 2 Start
Day 2 Lynch/Night 2 Start
Night 2 End/Day 3 Start
Day 3 Lynch/Night 3 Start

Vote Count for each DP:
Day 1 Tally
Day 2 Tally
-Do Not Post-
The game will start tomorrow morning CET time
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This claim mechanic is interesting. I'm not sure who it's supposed to help out more between the town and the mafia. Obviously it helps out the fool the most. I've never played with such a restriction. It almost makes me just want to claim now.


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This game is going to feature a way lighter atmosphere compared to the previous ones, in that it won't be just the Jesters to try to play around, heck even a Vanilla could believe that to be a favorable path to drive along.


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More than claim talk, I think talking about what could be possible set up makes more sense...

We should have at least an idea about how many scums and jesters we are dealing with
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