[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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Ghost Princess

Host: @Kiwipom and @Flower
Coached by: @Dragomir

Welcome to the Attack on Titan game! Enjoy!​

Rules and Gameplay:

1. Closed Setup: No info regarding the setup will be revealed until end of game.
2. Plurality Lynch: The player with the most votes on them will be lynched, no lynch is an option.
3. Claiming Restriction: Info sharing is allowed, however character claiming is forbidden and can result in mod kill. (Limited to 3 per game)
4. Cycles: The Game will feature 24 hour Day Phases and 24 hour Night Phases.
5. Posting: You must post at least 5 times each day phase. Less than 5 posts will result in mod block the following night. You cannot edit or delete your posts

1. @Finalbeta (Lynched D2 - Survivor)
2. @TheAncientCenturion (Lynched D1 - Cop)
3. @Don DaSlayer (Killed N3 - Bus Driver)
4. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE (Killed N2 2-shot Vig)
5. @Seraphoenix (Lynched D4 - Mafia Bodyguard)
6. @Dark Admiral (Killed N1 - Watcher)
7. @Rebornimformer (Killed N2 Roleblocker)
8. @Jew D. Boy (Killed N1 - Backup Cop)
9. @HA001
10. @Yo Tan Wa (Sub for Shishio) - (Killed N3 - Mafia Strongkill)
11. @RayanOO (Killed N4 - Bodyguard)
12. @NeutralWatcher (Mod killed D4 - Tracker)
13. @Vonal (Killed N4 - Mafia Redirecter)
14. @Cinera
15. @Queen

Roles have been sent out in pms, please confirm that you have received the info by answering the pm.

Game will begin tomorrow at 2 PM EST

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