[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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Possible, but it sounds incredibly broken.

By asking who you suspected I wanted to know if there's someone who you now think could be Scum after what you learned overnight. You can't reveal your Night Action, but you can reveal if you believe someone to be Scum due to tracking them.

Confirmed role for mafia:

Yo Tan Wa: mafia.
Player who can manipulate vote.
Seraphoenix but he doesn't have those roles I'm sure.

But that means there are 4 mafia.

Is it possible?
9 Town, 4 Mafia, 1 SK and 1 Survivor does seem possible.

I'm okay with lynching Vonal, but given his night immunity why not try to persuade the Serial Killer to take him out for us. There's no guarantee today's Lynch would work.

Vote Lynch: Seraphoenix

@HA001 if you agree to kill Vonal tonight we wouldn't Lynch you today. If he doesn't kill Seraphoenix, @NeutralWatcher please try and Lynch him tomorrow (I will probably die tonight).

@NeutralWatcher if you haven't tracked them yet, track Ha001, Rayan, Sera or Queen tonight. I will Protect you again.

@Queen, @RayanOO, @Seraphoenix did your Night Actions make you suspect anyone?
? How am i supposed to kill him
Not open for further replies.