[FNZ] Role Madness Round 08: Tokyo Ghoul

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The OP implies that a (perhaps the) scum faction is Aogiri Tree. CCG could also be Scum as well, as Anteiku seems to be Town. So we might have two Scum factions. However we aren't allowed to flavour claim, so I think trying to figure out the game based on flavour is not informative and ultimately just a distraction. The Tokyo Ghoul theme is there to make being a host more enjoyable for @Noctis, and appears to be all there is to it in this game. With flavour claims resulting in Mod Kills we can't really infer the set up from the flavour except by watching the flips of those that die.

I agree that there are at least 4 Scum in the game.
Going from what the write up tells

the Ghoul organization dedicated to terrorizing CCG investigators

It seems that the Ghoul organization terrorizes CCG investigators. Read like this is seems as if CCG investigators are not posed as another Mafia faction, however write-up later mentions how

It was impossible to get a full picture of these Ghoul organizations.

Implying more than one organization exists and so perhaps the game is a multi-ball if another is present in the set-up as well and not just in the mere write-up.

It could even be that CCG are not Mafia and yet we still have 2 Ghoul factions for example.
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