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Uncle Van

Taxes Are a Sickness
Ahem, go to hell Flower AHEM!

People of the town of Salem, I stand before you now accused of the attempted murder of Light D Lamperouge. I say to you all now.. yeah I tried to kill him but I missed and it I really want to get that kill like... right now BUT!, BUT!!!, This isnt a trial about unclaimed trophies, but one of forgiveness and trust. I have enough forgiveness and trust in you all to make a proposition: use me. I am a psychotic serial killer who can swing at ANYONE. Let me swing at your enemies on your orders! How do you know I wont attack any of you? I have already proven in the All Star game that I don't care about winning, only killing! I get to satisfy my bloodlust, you get free shots at scum players! We both win! Only Flower shall be the victim of my own whim!


Oh, and go to hell Flower. Did I say that yet?


@Van has been Lynched
His role was Serial Killer

He left some parting words behind for the peasants

The interesting thing about Flowers is how...versatile they are. Some give good fragrance, some give herbs for healing, but those are often fragile. Others come with poison, some with thorns, some carnivorous. Those flowers tend to be thurdy. Why is that? Happiness. They suck the joy and happiness out of living things like the evil, egotistical, disgusting waste of photosynthesis that they are!!!! But that's only my 2nd most hated things in world right now because they don't like as often as...fruit. You set me up fruits ya diabetic nightmare. You lied to me. Let the fruits rot.

It is now Night 2
You have 30+ Hours to send in actions (Trying to not conflict with other game

@krogothwolf @Flower @Melontonin @Bortolomeo @Van @Midnight Delight @Lord Melkor @RippedCal @Fruitji @MangoSenpai @Lindltaylor @Xlaw @T-Pein™ @Juliet @Sallucion @Ratchet @Light D Lamperouge @Cray Cray



@MangoSenpai has been killed by the Jailor
His role was Pirate

Death Note:

Flower/ Lind is the jailor

Mafia, do your thing.

@Melontonin has been killed by Mafia
Her role was Vigilante

Death Note:
N1- Nothing.
N2- Shooting Light.

It's now Day 2
You have 24 hours to discuss
14 players alive, it takes 8 to Lynch

@krogothwolf @Flower @Melontonin @Bortolomeo @Midnight Delight @Lord Melkor @RippedCal @Fruitji @MangoSenpai @Lindltaylor @Xlaw @T-Pein™ @Juliet @Ratchet @Light D Lamperouge @Cray Cray
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