[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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We can all infect by buying it with money, no?

NW I’ve yet to see you make a correct call. I was the one who didn’t want to lynch Rej, Finalbeta or Drago. So shush.
well the only way you can infect people using your money is buying the bomb, BUT the bomb infects 2 people at the same time while we only got 1 people infected by day till now
so is pretty obvious living dead are using their day/night ability, how can zombies infect other people if they aren't infected themselves?
I do believe. Krogo is a healthy zombie. :catsure:

Do what you please, this is what my gut is saying and I will go with it.
krogo was infected in d3 (there was a flu announcement) and he said he had 2 phases before dying/get converted
if krogo still was infected the scanner would show it because he was set to die/get converted at the end of this day phase, not right now
I’ve made a decision, could be wrong, could be right, but there it is.

Marimo would not lie about this. Krogo is having the same reaction as TAC when he was “cured”.
Gotta catch up on at least the last five pages, unless anyone wants to give me a summary?
marimo may be innocent, there was a flu announcement in d1 so kiwi couldn't be lying about getting infected since no one else got infected in d1, tac could have bought a cure to cure her and pretend he is a doctor
marimo used a scanner on krogo and he is NOT INFECTED
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I scanned Natalija
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Natalija is uninfected guys
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:kayneshrug: Then I made a mistake
Of course you made a mistake. Krogothwolf and Seraphoenix were both infected. You think Doctor would sit his ass without using his/her day ability to cure any of them?

Most players here are active player so Doctor might be active player.
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