[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Final Vote count
Playa -> Marimo -> noctis
Queen -> Marimo -> noctis
Jew-> Marimo -> krog
Sera -> marimo -> **
Nat - -> krog
Noctis -> Marimo -> **
Ginafi -> noctis
Mich - > Noctis
NW -> Marimo -> Noctis
Marimo-> krog-> Noctis

Noctis - 6 votes
Krog- 2 votes

As nocturnal has plurality votes against him so he will be lynched.

This is dusk phase. You can continue to chat before my assistant host @AL sama gives the write up lol


no, you just gave me strong scum vibes at this Eod. you played well, you succeed to go not observed so much time..
Nah... I just kinda gave up since i hardly had the time to follow the game and needed to complete my AB mafia game set up so I just slacked off on purpose although I do that as lot when I am town

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Well, good job, @Michelle, you were on the ball with this one. I still don’t believe this exonerates Wolf, but Queen’s argument that scum shooting an infected townie and therefore preventing them from becoming living dead certainly holds more water in light of this.


So your mechanical talk was not by reading the thread..
No, it was logical game wise... my town self would have to deduce the mechanical like that but wouldn't have talked about it until necessary since I don't like talking mechanics, etc etc since too much work and I have too much confidence on my read as town lol
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so the game is over?
Most likely
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