[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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Have no fear, Imperator TAC is here.

Vote lynch @Rej @Reborn

That Doctor to back up doctor thing is way too sketchy. Not to mention, your game play and demeanor doesn’t benefit town. Keeping you around will just confuse the town and make it more difficult to discern actual scum—in the off chance you’re town—and hereby I sentence you to death via the brazen bull.


Oda's accuser
Rej probably went for a game-changer the very moment he figured that claiming doctor would of been too perilous for counter claims and so he swapped that for back-up, ultimately worsening his position even more.


60 page D1. What a day. But you know what that means? D1 hindsight reads are going to be awesome. Looking forward to rereading D1 in the latter phases of the game.
I found this pretty problematic... my gut say D1 has only discussed by town mostly and scum has taken back seat and I think I just know the reason behind it
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