[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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To be fair NK/China could still be scum.

North Korea’s policy of shooting anyone that’s sick isn’t ideal. The goal is to keep people alive after all lmao.

And China? I don’t wanna get political about it but I think they are also lacking (and liars).
Exactly the reason I think the same and didn't want to believe Rej is a town but it's rather about Corona than country history, politics itself lol
Btw while you guys here don't forget to join my next game... @Rej will be co-host with me and it will be the best death note mafia game ever created in history
I will follow wherever @Rej leads.
Just tell them you’re waiting to see if you killed the right person, think they’ll understand.
Actually I said something similar to “woah I just killed the right person” once, and it was hilarious.
despair and panic everywhere

chaos chaos chaos

it reached such extent.....

that now people doubt one another

@Rej a member of town have been lynched

@playa4321 subbed in for @RayanOO

its Night 1 you've 24 hours to send your action failing to do so will cause in replacement or mod kill
1 @TheAncientCenturion
3 @Fallen Prince
4 @Don DaSlayer
5 @Noctis
6 @Jew D. Boy
7 @Seraphoenix
8 @Finalbeta
9 @Natalija
10 @NeutralWatcher
11 @Kiwipom
12 @playa4321
13 @Rej
14 @Zoro D Goat
15 @Queen
16 @Dragomir
17 @krogothwolf
18 @Gianfi
19 @Yo Tan Wa
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