[FNZ] Role Madness Round 11: Covid - 19

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To be fair NK/China could still be scum.

North Korea’s policy of shooting anyone that’s sick isn’t ideal. The goal is to keep people alive after all lmao.

And China? I don’t wanna get political about it but I think they are also lacking (and liars).
Exactly the reason I think the same and didn't want to believe Rej is a town but it's rather about Corona than country history, politics itself lol
Btw while you guys here don't forget to join my next game... @Rej will be co-host with me and it will be the best death note mafia game ever created in history
I will follow wherever @Rej leads.
Just tell them you’re waiting to see if you killed the right person, think they’ll understand.
Actually I said something similar to “woah I just killed the right person” once, and it was hilarious.

AL sama

Red Haired
despair and panic everywhere

chaos chaos chaos

it reached such extent.....

that now people doubt one another

@Rej a member of town have been lynched

@playa4321 subbed in for @RayanOO

its Night 1 you've 24 hours to send your action failing to do so will cause in replacement or mod kill
1 @TheAncientCenturion
3 @Fallen Prince
4 @Don DaSlayer
5 @Noctis
6 @Jew D. Boy
7 @Seraphoenix
8 @Finalbeta
9 @Natalija
10 @NeutralWatcher
11 @Kiwipom
12 @playa4321
13 @Rej
14 @Zoro D Goat
15 @Queen
16 @Dragomir
17 @krogothwolf
18 @Gianfi
19 @Yo Tan Wa

AL sama

Red Haired
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