Sign-up Round 14 : Code Geass - The Mafia Rebellion

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~ The Illusionist ~

Hosts: @Flower and @krogothwolf
Setup: Role Madness


No claiming: All kinds of claiming are banned, this includes character claiming and info dumping.
Plurality lynch: The player with the most votes on them will be lynched at the end of each DP. No lynch is an option.
Voting: To vote for a player, type Vote lynch Player X in the thread. You do not need to unvote first, but it's recommended to make it easier for us to count the votes.
Phase length: Each phase will generally last 24h. However, the first Day Phase will last for 48h.

WARNING: THIS GAME WILL FEATURE HEAVY BASTARD MECHANICS. That being said, it's not a full bastard game, but be warned.


1. @Light D Lamperouge
2. @Tris
3. @Queen
4. @Tobi
5. @Seraphoenix
6. @Marimo_420
7. @Ali
9. @Natalija
10. @Fujishiro
11. @silverfire
12. @Jew D. Boy
13. @Finalbeta
14. @RedGloverKing
15. @RayanOO
16. @BangMi
17. @Cinera
18. @Rhea
19. @Midnight Delight
20. @Dragomir
21. @Gambit
22. @Melontonin
23. @wordyworm
24. @Gianfi
25. @NeutralWatcher


Starting time: At the earliest this weekend, at the latest next week.

To sign up, just say in, the roles will be randomized once the spots are filled.

Have fun :-)!
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Iโ€™m stunned to learn that I have played in five of the last six rounds, including the one yet to wrap up...Iโ€™d like to take a break and sit a couple out, but I hope yโ€™all have as much fun as possible with this!! :cheers:
Ah I'm a lucky man to be lynched so soon perhaps. I get so much time to rest. โ™ก

However losing so badly is despicable and I shall attempt at avoiding such flips.
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