[FNZ] Role Madness Round 14: Code Geass - The Mafia Rebellion

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I didnt want to risk another failed lynch, i was checking the knights of zero and just dead scum in general, and i saw that lelouch was unlynchable and unkillable till all his followers died. So i assumed Nat would be the same since the other scum tried to kill her and she didnt die, hence their adamance about lynching her, and then she didnt die to lynch. So for me, if i risked a lynch on her and she didnt die then it was GG, i wanted to get her the next day tbh after getting jew.

Thanks for the game. It was a rollercoaster for sure lmao.
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Niiiiice, can i know why silver didnt get lynched btw? And he didnt die either. Was marianne immortal too? I forgot.
Yep. The concept of characters immune to absolutely everything, lynch included, was definitely new to me.
You are Marianne vi Britannia!

[Passive Ability - Ghost Form] You exist in a ghost-like state. As such you cannot vote in the thread and only make a maximum of 10 posts per Day Phase. However, since you are a ghost you cannot be killed by any means and no action will ever affect you. Once your team mates have been killed or lynched, you automatically leave the game.

[Active Ability - Possession] Take control of your target during the Day phase and gain access to their abilities as well as their vote for the whole cycle. If a possessed player gets killed, their role will be janitored.


I never got to be a Vig.
I got Jack of All Trades in Dragomir turbo game. I got Jack of All Trades and it has abilities of doctor, investigation and vigilante role and all of them are 1 shot. I chose to investigate and got lynched next day. Didn't have time to use vigilante role.
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