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I think Veco is a good choice too tbh.

Who are your sure townies? Let's narrow down the choices.

You: confirmed.
Midnight: confirmed by claim and my results.
Ali: confirmed by my results and abduction.
Tobi: Confirmed non scum by abduction, his claim is also Town-ish and seems good.
Muugen: Should be confirmed by Ali.
Adding myself, that's 6/7 Town slots taken. So doing the math, only one player except for us could be Town.


The End and the Beginning
The problem with this is that Perospero is Pro Big Mom, your second wincon is probably "keep Big Mom alive"
And I know 100% that Big Mom is Scum due to my abilities
Nope, dunno who Big Mom is. Not mentioned in my win con at all.
@Light D Lamperouge @Midnight Delight you agree with the Al lynch? Or do we go for Ratchet as the safe lynch option this DP?
Why are you even need to go for "safe options", when you apparently have almost all the town confirmed?


The End and the Beginning
Because we're at MyLo. Lynching Town will cost us the game. So we can't afford a wrong lynch.
If you're at MyLo, lynching a Survivor will also lose you the game.
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In fact, if you're at MyLo, scum could have just claimed and forced me to vote with them, promising to trade Kaido off when Town's numbers are thinned.


I can confirm we’re not at a MyLo due to my own abilities.

@Real Go D. Usopp i honestly could care less about this game now and just want it to end. this is probably the worst display from Townies I’ve seen. I’m just over it.
Yeah, so I'm off for this DP. Probably gonna come back later shortly before of EoD, but I'm traveling now and my reception ain't good, so can't guarantee I will manage to come back.

So see ya later or next DP or perhaps after the game.

Light D Lamperouge

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