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Yeah I kinda figured when everyone was willing to vote for you that you are Kanjuro. And got all the scums right. Except GOAT. Tobra's claim threw me off and him not playing like at all.

I'll find you an avy tomorrow.
Yeah, scratch the bet.

In-game bets don't count.

Jk. Gonna wear the avy for 4 days, then Rej' choice for 3 days to make this a week of weird avys.


I cost everyone the game
I should have never been given such a role in the first place when I only played like one or Two Mafia games in the place
No, you played alright. This game, in general, lacked good teamwork town should have, mafia found themselves in a place where the town was on each other nerves, not only this helped wolf to win but made it easy for them to coordinate throughout the game. If someone is here to be blamed then it's entire town player base who were actually busy with each other and survivors
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