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~~Surpass Your Limits, Right here, Right now~~

Hosts: @Reborn and @Zem
Theme: Town of Salem
Type: Role Madness

Please read the rules very carefully

In case there are some changes in rules we will notify you all either here or in opening post of the game.

Game will start any day of the next week
Players(can be expanded by 2 at max)
2) @Tris
3) @Flower
4) @AL sama
5) @Melontonin
6) @Jew D. Boy
7) @Tobi
8) @Queen
9) @Midnight Delight
10) @Natalija
11) @Fujishiro
12) @Finalbeta
13) @krogothwolf
14) @Gambit
17) @Light D Lamperouge
20) @Marimo_420
22) @RayanOO

1) @Rej
2) @Real Go D. Usopp

1)No insults - anyone resorting to insults would be severely punished.

2)This game features informed minority and uninformed majority. No other information would be provided except on your respective roles in your role pm.

3)Claim game - all sorts of claiming is allowed.

4) Lynch type - Plurality lynch that is player with maximum votes would be lynched.

However, if a player would end up receiving majority votes then votes would be locked and that player would be Lynched.

5) Activity - Minimum 5 posts every day phase. Anyone violating this rule would be mod blocked or subbed or mod killed.

6) Cycle duration - each cycle will have 24 hours day phase and 24 hours night phase

7) whispering - it's allowed. Player can send maximum of one whisper each day phase.

8)No Trials - there won't be any trials.

9)Scum chat - only allowed during night phase.

10)Last will - everyone can prepare their "last will" every night in their respective role pms which will be revealed automatically to others in game thread in case they are killed or Lynched.

In case you don't know how to prepare last will then you can say so in your respective role pms and we will help you.

11) Rules clarification - In case anyone of you have doubts then you can contact either of the host via your role pm. No answer would be given in game thread except under extraordinary circumstances.

To sign in just say "In" and pick a number


For reference you can go through this link
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