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The only good thing I learnt to have those panic attacks in the scum chat instead of the thread like I used to.
speaking of which we have yet to roll scum together

keep it that way so we can archenemy for eternity lmao

I wish I could flip indie more often, it's by a long shot my favourite alignment.
depends on the indie
hostile one is hard af but really fun

most chill and fun role is a vanilla townie. u dont have any night responsibilities. just chill at night and come to the thread and use ur vote as ur only ability lmaoo.

peaceful life of vanilla
and scums did well to ensure town destroyed themselves
town didnt just destroy themselves.
they planted seeds that confused most of us. well played.
but to be fair this game required town to be individually high level and active players since claiming and sharing results was hard limited. town basically had to work solo.

so it was a 3v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 etc..

u get the idea. even if scum went to sleep and just sent monet messages town would still destroy themselves given the hard limit on claiming

i hope we dont see such setup again tbh. you can and should limit role claiming, but not action claiming. atleast not status debuff claiming like saying i am poisoned or roleblocked
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and by action claiming i obv mean just claim the action with no flavor in it. so just say i bussed A and B dont say i shambled A and B for an example
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