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Rej will be lynched!

Votes Tally-
REJ-> Zara>Salah>Zara

JEW-> Juliet
ZARA-> Rej
MARIMO-> Rej>unvote

Rej - 4
Salah- 0
Zara- 2
Juliet- 1

Quote me if i missed any.

Give me Filler.​
@Rej [Smoker] is lynched!
You are White Hunter, Smoker.
[Investigator] You are Marine. During one of your patrolling you come across a distress call from PH. You decides to visit PH and invest the island for any illegal activities.
As such you can investigate a player each Night. You will receive Guilty or Innocent message as feedback.

[Nanashaku Jitte] If you decide to visit same player second time, you can use Seastone side of you Jitte to restrict/role block at night.

[Smoke Blast] You can complement your Investigative action with Smoke Blast attack. This will help you escape any Role Blocks on you. (1 shot)

[Ice Admiral] If you survive Night 5, you can call for Ice Admiral Aokiji protection at Night. Aokiji will role block the first person that may visit you. (1 shot)

[Moku Moku no mi]
With your df you can completely turn into Smoke to perform your actions, as such your actions can't be traced.

[Captain Trust] You have complete trust in your subordinate Taschigi. As such your vote will not count against her.
If you continue to vote Taschigi Day 2, you will be told of her identity in PM by us hosts and you can try saving her. But you are not allowed to make any claims while doing so.

Wincon - Must eliminate all threats to Town.
Night 4 starts
Day phase starts as early as you guys submit your night actions.
@Marimo_420 [Robin] has been killed!
You are Robin
Conditional Active
If town lynch 3 townies during the day, you will overexert yourself and use this technique to flip the opponent over so that they fall on their heads. Their night action will trigger on themself for the night. (1 shot)

[Shock] If you change your Votes 7 times during the game, you will be able to use Shock Attack. This will hit your opponent head hard and they will be role blocked for the night. (1 shot)

[Ojos+Oreja Fleur] Your Eyes and Ears are everywhere. Hence you will be able to listen to all whispers during the Game, and you will also know who recieved it. (Passive)
Using this ability, you can also choose to bug a player during the game. You will be aware of everything happening arround your target at Night. ( 2 shots)

[Intelligent Decisions] You are intelligent enough to save your two Votes on initial days and use them together on the final day to help lynch Scums. Max voting power=3 (1 shot)

[Vast Knowledge]
Your knowledge and experience is vast, with such info you continuously aid your Captain. As such you are aware of numbers of Scums in this game, but this information will make you center of attention for night kills, you can't share/Claim this info in the game thread.

[Alliance Betrayal] - You must guess the identity of your Captain right each night. If you are successful, you will be able to send one message to you Captain warning him not to Trust Law. The word count for this messages will be 20, not a word more.

Wincon - You must eliminate all threats to Town
@Zara [Taschigi] has been killed!
You are Taschigi

[Subordinate Officer] You arrived on PH along with Smoker to investigate the distress call. But due to your rank of subordinate, your abilities are restricted. You must visit a player twice to chck their allignment.

[Kiri Shigure] Once your Captain Smoker is dead, all responsibility for saving your Marine unit will fall upon your shoulders. As such you will want to overexert yourself and engage a player at Night. With your swordskills you will permanently crush one of targeted player abilities at random. (1 shot).

[Backup Doctor] You are also the Backup Doctor. You will then be able to save players from poison or poison related attacks at Night.

Wincon- Must eliminate all threats to Town.
Town and SK lost the Game!

Mafia and Survivor are the Winner!

@Flower @Light D Lamperouge @Midnight Delight @Salah WG have won the Game.

Thank you everyone for playing this game! This was our( @Yo Tan Wa @RayanOO ) first Game.
Congrats to Mafia team, they were bold and took Risk and it paved off!
Town also played well but some unlucky events and No Claim part hurt them.

I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Flowa Powa. Wight.

@Rej @Natalija @Light D Lamperouge @Flower @Midnight Delight @Jew D. Boy @Salah WG @Seraphoenix @Zara @KiriNigiri @Marimo_420 @Natalija @Juliet @Zem @Tris @Lindltaylor @Real Go D. Usopp @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Fujishiro @Finalbeta @Gambit
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