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I'll never forgive you Oda

The results of @Admiral Lee Hung vs @NeutralWatcher in Aokiji vs Jinbore:

Argument quality: 6
Poll: 0
Manga panels usage: 4
Humor: 2

Argument quality: 8
Poll: 5
Manga panels usage: 4
Humor: 1

Lee 12 - NW 18

A well deserved victory for NW, congrats!


Due to Shishi handing out the W and letting the Dark King down, but also thanks to Jew's exquisite debating and analyzing skills, the winner of @Jew D. Boy vs @ShishioIsBack in Kuma vs Rayleigh is Jew!!


And now we shall continue with the FINAL round.

@NeutralWatcher and @Jew D. Boy please decide on a date and time this week. You will be debating Kata vs Franky. And since this is the final round, I expect you to be at each other's throats, not ignore the opponent :catrude:

It will be a longer round to give you more time to debate. And this time we're going to summon a lot of people to vote.



Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
Damn. He was the only user that was even somewhat active on the Record of Ragnarok thread. Tragic. :catcry:

Congratulations on your anticlimactic victory Jew. :fransuper:

So, what forum theme are you going to choose? :queenhear:
Thanks, big dawg...per the judges’ request, I’ll still be posting my defense of the cyborg carpenter in the next couple of days, so I’ll make my decision sometime after that. Y’all can probably assume that it’ll be...