Current Events Ryokugyu Injured Fujitora - The End of Fujitora’s Character Assassination

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The Chadmirals once again steal the show in the best chapter Oda has written in 10 years. 1085 was amazing for the Admiral agenda. We got Imu failing to take out Ace 2.0 while Sakazuki killed Ace 1.0, we got the “reveal” of Gorosei fruits being Mythical Zoans and not big-dick Logias, and Sabo escaping from bloodlusted Imu and Gorosei was great.

But today ends a 2 year long attempted character assassination of Fujitora:

“Karasu fought two Admirals!”

“The Revolutionary commanders actually injured Fujitora!”

Lol, nope. It would seem Chadmiral haters got baited horribly by Fake News Morgans:

The one who injured Fujitora was Ryokugyu, not a Revolutionary lol. You can clearly see Ryokugyu summoning his Devil Fruit to attack Fujitora who is clearly using his Giga-tier CoO to adopt a fighting stance, it’s clear these two had a brief fight. And this is the same Ryokugyu who negged a Lunarian so even a restrained Ryokugyu injuring Fujitora hypes Fujitora’s fighting ability.

And thus ends the “Fujitora is fighting to protect slaves” narrative presented by idiots, as well as the atrocious narrative about Fujitora being injured by Karasu or Sabo.

Rejoice Chadmiral gang. Oda came through.

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I'm a bit upset that we don't know if Fuji wounded GB but im way too fucking happy that the bs "sabo>GB/Fuji" claim is dead.

Also Fuji is way too hard boiled. Dude doesn't give a single fuck bout CDs, tries to flatten them meteors and proceeds to let revs free CD's slaves without loosing his Admiral rank.

It just shows the CDs are way too pussy to fire the guys that ensure their safety