Controversial Sanji is a more skilled cook than Kaido, which means Sanji is stronger than Kaido

Mihawk is never once stated to be more skilled than Shanks in entire Manga or any canonical source in 20 years worth of history of One Piece. So no idea where this cope is coming from- and even if he was, the thread's context is still nonsensical.

He's stated to be strongest swordsman, and his "swordsmanship surpasses Shanks", that be it.

He is waiting for a swordsman who will be stronger than Shanks as per Vivre Card, though.
Let's use this thread showing that everyone that is more skilled than the other in their respective profession means they are stronger overall
But isn't the most skilled chief the best one ? Better dishes, better use of aliments.
Unless you need to precise that sanji is maybe the most skilled in cutting tomatoes and kaido making the whole dishes.

Unfortunately for you, kaido is not a cook but a club user so you can carry on your mental gymnastics. Law will never surpass anyway shanks, mihawk and eos zoro.

And wow you made a thread because you didn't know sanji was the most skilled and the best cook in this world ? Surprising to see many sanji fans who don't even know their fav :milaugh:
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"Chopper skills as a doctor are superior to that of Trafalgar Law"

Chopper > Law
Holy shit you are that salty ?
Law and chopper are doctors by profession.

But strenght is either about DF, swordsmanship. And both can be coated with haki. Have we ever seen the world strongest devil fruit user in one piece ? No. That's right.
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