Break Week Sanji is ultimate rival of Zoro

Not this sad argument again. Zoro is clearly stronger than Sanji and Oda shows us time and time again. Sanji will always remain set at #3.
Look at the antagonist at EL and their power levels. That essentially told you the power level of the SHP at the time and it remained the same throughout the series. Zoro is in fact stronger than Sanji but barely. While Luffy is always a tier above the both of them. This is not hard to understand. The dominant hand is always stronger than the less dominant hand. This is why Oda called them the wings.
Look at the antagonist at EL and their power levels. That essentially told you the power level of the SHP at the time and it remained the same throughout the series. Zoro is in fact stronger than Sanji but barely. While Luffy is always a tier above the both of them. This is not hard to understand. The dominant hand is always stronger than the less dominant hand. This is why Oda called them the wings.
No, not really.
You're failing to understand that a character fighting a stronger enemy doesn't mean he is stronger than the characters who fought weaker enemies if the character who fought the stronger enemy also spent more time and had more difficulty to defeat the stronger enemy, especially if the character who fought the weaker enemy was even relevantly nerfed while doing it.
And I'm not even referring to Sanji and Zoro here, but to Sanji and Luffy; The douriki of Lucci and Jabura were in fact reliable as references to judge the difference of power level between them, considering how both Lucci and Jabura had a carnivorous devil fruit power for at least five years, but the fact that Luffy fought Lucci (4000) while Sanji fought Jabura (2180) still doesn't necessarily mean Luffy was stronger than Sanji, considering how Luffy's fight with Lucci was the one that took the longest time to end, ended practically in a tie, as Luffy couldn't move his body after the fight, and Luffy even received some kind of help from Usopp, who cheered up Luffy and also distracted Lucci giving time for Luffy to rise up again, whereas Sanji fought Jabura after being terribly hurt by Kalifa (as pointed out by Chopper), he defeated Jabura with much less difficulty and also faster than Zoro defeated Kaku and much faster than Luffy defeated Lucci, and was in so well state after the fight that he was able to run to Zoro's place immediately after ending his fight with Jabura, without needing to rest and without complaining about any pain.

Another example of how the power levels of the antagonists in Enies Lobby did not correspond to the power levels of the Straw Hat pirates is the fact that Franky fought Fukuro (800) while Chopper fought Kumadori (810), but in order to defeat Kumadori Chopper had to lose his consciousness, and just like Luffy he couldn't even move his body after regaining his consciousness on the ship, whereas Franky's condition after defeating Fukuro was so good that he in fact also defeated Chopper himself, and was the one who reached Robin while also beating that elephant sword.

About the comparison between Sanji and Zoro: The difference between Jabura and Kaku's douriki was not even reliable as a means to compare their strength, because it did not take into consideration their devil fruit power, and Jabura had a superior carnivorous zoan devil fruit power for at least 5 years, while Kaku had just eaten a herbivorous zoan devil fruit, and was still so bad at using it that he even failed to turn into his hybrid form in the beginning of his fight with Zoro.
The truth is that people who think that Kaku was stronger than Jabura are just bad readers.
Same objective: making luffy PK.

For superiority in the crew ranking
There's no fight for role in the crew, everyone but Sanji fans understand that
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Good luck flying with one wing stronger then the other
Winged creatures still have a dominant "hand" and since Zoro is the right hand that makes Luffy the PK right handed
Since ever people assumed Posthawk would be, but Posthawk:

1) his greatest rivalry is with Snitch that is same generation as him
2) up until eos the rivalry with Posthawk doesn't wirk because Posthawk always was much stronger over 25 years, inly eos zoro will be on par
3) Posthawk became zoro's sempai, he trained him and is like a father figure

4) Posthawk is not a villain so that makes him unlikely the match of zoro in the future

5) Posthawk aleeady started to fall by losing his warlord title and being hunted down by wg


1) rivaled zoro since the start over 25 years
2) always fight second and 3rd strongest, some rivals, queen vs king, jabra and kaku same doriki.
3)sanji and zoro both called wings of pirate king
They got different fighting style.
And in the crew they got different position too.
I dont think they can be compared.
They got their own ability.
Sanji’s miles ahead stronger @stealthblack
How can they be rivals?
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Good luck trying to make any argument Sanji is just as strong as Zoro

Luffy 1
Zoro 2
Sanji 3
He’s stronger
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some ppl just dont get that the so called rivalry is there for comedic purposes only lol
Sanji is still stronger so who gives af? I wouldn’t see anyone far below me as a rival either
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@BillSlipton is Moe's alt, mate. His pathetic replies are typical and unsurprising. :milaugh:
Yet you’re the most crazy one here bird
only matched by nik87 but could we really call him pathetic since he trolls?
I didn't know Sanji's true name was Posthawk:milaugh:
Sanji’s stronger cry
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Sanji's rival is just his weakness for women.
Your rival is pure bias
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Sanji has never at any point in this story been stronger than Zoro
Always has been even since prets try again
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Zoro shares parallels with Luffy while Sanji doesn't: Zoro and Luffy are both Kings, both WG Supernovas, both Conquerors, both Advanced Haki users, both have top tiers as their precise benchmarks to reach and surpass, both have fighting oriented dreams. Sanji completely lacks all of that, Oda didn't want to give him but he gave to Zoro.

Zoro is showed, stated and implied by multiple sources (manga statements, datsbook statements, the 1031 cover with the Number Twos) to be the second strongest in the Strawhats, Luffy's right hand man and the first mate/vice captain for the rest of the crew.

Zoro always performs better than Sanji against strongest opponents or similar opponents: just compare Zoro vs Fujitora and Zoro vs Kaido and Big Mom to Sanji vs Doflamingo, or Zoro vs Pica to Sanji vs Vergo. Why, you think?
Zoro is also the one who, as the first mate/right hand/second strongest fights to protect Luffy from the very strongest enemies, especially when Luffy is defenseless (Zoro vs Kuma and Zoro vs Kaido are prime examples of this).

Zoro is the one who shares with Luffy some of the most iconic scenes, while Sanji is not present: the revelation of Neckbeard with the "is not he, is they", chapter 1000 for the great fight between Supernovas and Yonkos, he is the only one Strawhat who met both Ace and Sabo.

Databook states that Zoro has strength on Luffy's level. Another databook ranks Strawhats in fighting strength and gives Luffy and Zoro 6/6 while it gives Sanji 5/6.

Zoro most of times fight someone that Sanji can't defeat (in Alabasta Sanji would brutally lose to Mr 1 who Zoro defeated, in Skypiea Sanji would lose to Ohm who Zoro defeated, in Enies Lobby Sanji would either lose or at least have an extreme diff fight with Kaku who Zoro defeated, in Dressrosa Sanji could not defeat Pica who Zoro defeated, in Wano/Onigashima Sanji would lose to King who Zoro defeated).
Sanji will never be as strong as Posthawk, let alone stronger than Posthawk, when Zoro will 100% be stronger than Posthawk.

Sanji never fought someone that Zoro couldn't defeat (on the opposite, Zoro would make a clown of Sanji's opponents; while, as said, Sanji can't defeat most of the enemies that Zoro defeated in the same arc).
Also Zoro always has a fight in every arc. Sanji does not. And Zoro has many more power ups than Sanji, and greater power ups also. Why, you think?

Zoro: in Logue Town receives stronger swords than the ones he had before, in Alabasta learns how to cut steel (CoA Haki), in Skypiea learns how to do flying slashes, in Enies Lobby learns Ashura, in Thriller Bark receives Shunsui which is a much stronger sword than the one he had before, then in time skip trains under Posthawk, and in Wano/Onigashima receives Enma and unlocks Advanced Conqueror Haki.
Sanji: in Enies Lobby learns Diable Jambe, then in time skip trains under Emporio Ivankov, in WCI receives the Raid Suit and in Wano/Onigashima unlocks the esoskeleton and learns Ifrit Jambe.

Zoro's main iconic power ups are greater than Sanji's main iconic power ups (Ashura >> Diable Jambe and Advanced Conqueror Haki >> Vinsmoke Esoskeleton and Ifrit Jambe). Not to mention Oda having Zoro training with Posthawk... while at the same time Sanji is training with Emporio Ivankov.

Zoro has much more parallels and things that he shares (portrayals, powers, goals, benchmarks) with Luffy than he has with Sanji. And most things that Zoro shares with Luffy, Sanji has not. Why, do you think? Maybe the answer is just the easiest...

Not to mention that Sanji was sure that Pre Adv CoC Zoro could have killed him if he went crazy with his newfound powers and started attacking people without realizing who they were.
Meaning that Sanji himself admitted that Zoro is confortably stronger than he is. And that was Pre Power Up Zoro, let alone the Current one.

B-but they bicker in gags! T-that makes them rivals and equals!
Head fucking CANON
I hate clowns who think they know everything
I could literally dismantle your extremely pathetic and dull argument in mere seconds