Chapter Discussion Sanji vs Kizaru

You’re honestly trolling if you think Sanji is beating Kizaru in a straight 1v1 - but it’s funny to see the ZBoys frothing at the mouth to put shade on what Sanji did, because their boy is having a high diff fight with Fob Lucci.

Man be claiming Zoro is stalling because he doesn’t want to kill / finish Lucci in the middle of an active Buster Call because…well for reasons best known to their delusion.

This means he’s either the dumbest character in OP or what we can infer from the chapter is that Lucci is on the same level as Zoro and so this is a difficult fight.

I fully expect Wanji vs Saturn here, rather than Kizaru. I don’t think Saturn is offensively as strong as an admiral, but has a hax defensive / regenerative ability, akin to Hawkins.

Also Saturn will deep dive into some Germa lore as a fellow scientist, we might even get what happened during North Blue’s conquest 300 years ago.
The smartass line makes it seem more of a fight. Sanji didn't just deflect and back off. He made a line and lit up his smoke, which are signs of his when he starts a fight.
Luffy is there
Dont get to excited
Sanji is fighting Kizaru as we speak.
Even if he loses next chapter, he has fought the second force on Egghead, while some other people are busy fighting extreme diff with the cat pet of the WG. Cat fruit model no diff by Luffy.
Blocking an attack is not fighting