Speculations Sanji vs Queen (Fight Predictions)

What new power will Sanji unlock?

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Now we have gotten over the ridiculous will Sanji fight Queen solo question, let’s move on from the dropkicks who thought otherwise with some scenarios. I am thinking that Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen will play into the first argument they had on Little Garden.

Also this was thrown there long ago, but Queen and Judge having a link is now confirmed, but I never thought Queen would be so modified. Queens extendable neck, now tail, arm and hair??? are all similar to Yonji. I don’t understand why there was any doubt Sanji would face Queen?

but, that’s by the by!!

i believe the fight will go like this. Hybrid Queen will dominate Base Sanji/Sanji using both HM and DJ. Sanji puts on his Raid Suit against Queen after angering him, which will overwhelm hybrid Queen. Queen will use an awakened mode, using both his DF and his technology (might transform into a Zord) and then Sanji will incorporate his flames with the RS. I have said it time and time again, the fact that the RS is fireproof is going to play into Sanji’s hand. I think Sanji’s flames don’t have an limit, but rather the angrier he is the stronger it gets, however I don’t think Sanji’s body can use that flame by itself. That’s why the RS will allow Sanji to use a higher mode of flames which of course will either be blue or black. With Queen turning hybrid so fast I am not sure if Sanji will develop advanced CoO now but it might happen in this fight. I was also thinking that Queen instead of having awakening would inject himself with the oni virus as a last ditch effort to beat Sanji. Sanji’s opponents have always been cunning. Jabra lied about Robin to get Sanji to drop his guard and Bon Clay used Nami’s face to handicap Sanji. I think Queen will be the same.
So what other forms do you think Queen will have? Or what other abilities do you think Sanji will show to beat Queen?