Speculations Sanji vs Queen fight

It will go like this:
(round 1)Sanji vs Queen(full zoan form) is a high diff fight!Sanji reveals what he learned in the time skip and some more!Sanji lands a big blow and forces Queen to go Hybrid!
(round2)Sanji will insist on not using raid suit and will get his ass punished for it!Queen will maul his ass!
(round 3)Sanji will be forced to use the raid suit and will go toe to toe with hybrid Queen!Sanji will end the fight with hell memories or some other new mega blaster ultra hyper technique!Final round will be an extreme diff fight!
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. Sanji starts kicking Queen several times but not doing much damage
. Queen fights back Sanji making him bleed
. Sanji is forced to use his raid suit and starts overwhelming Queen with his speed
. Queen turns Hybrid and breaks Sanji's suit injuring him
. Sanji takes out his suit and says "I dont need a stupid costume to beat a long neck bastard like you"
. Sanji gets a Haki Bloom and destroys Queen
How do you think the battle will play out? Will be an 1v1? Will it be concluded? Discuss!
Dino Queen will eventually overwhelm base Sanji, but then Sanji will use RS to overwhelm Dino Queen.

However, Queen turns Hybrid and accesses his inventions to turn the table against Sanji. Sanji will then receive help from Chopper and/or Drake (maybe even Apoo, if he decides to finally betray Queen after being mistreated so much) to finish off Queen for good.