Chapter Discussion Sanji vs saint Marcus Mars is probably confirmed.

Sanji will fight the strongest Gorosei after Zoros Gorosei opponent, It's that simple. If it's Mars it's Mars if it's Ju Peter or Saturn then that's who it'll be. But some people are using contradictory logic by trying to determine who Sanji will fight by who looks the weakest or least impressive, in their minds Mars seems too strong but they know that he's weaker than Topman and Venus. By placing Sanji against someone who in their minds looks to be weaker than Mars they are effectively making a "Sanji vs Jack" argument without realizing it.

The Sanji vs King argument holds no water since the reason Sanji didn't fight King wasn't because he had wings or was too strong, but because he was Kaido's strongest subordinate which almost always falls to Zoro. The designs argument also holds no water since Sanjis fought characters like Kuroobi and Jabra who were both more menacing in design and personality than Hachi and Kaku. I also don't agree with the opinion that Queen had a goofy design; he was fat, that's about it, but everything else about his design was cool. The only opponent Sanjis fought who actually had a goofy design was Mr. 2, but that was what Oda was going for. Personality wise........they're all serious and stoic, but Oda can easily cook up a couple of gags for them. If you believe Luffy will fight Imu then you believe Zoro will fight you believe Sanji will fight Mars, it's that simple.
I agree with you bro :kata:
I doubt it bud.
Sanji is yet to show if he can even keep up with top tiers let alone Beating one.

Zoro and Luffy already did that in Wano.

Sanji though. , it's fine some Holy knight will have some broken fruit for Sanji-kun.
No problem, since they're not supposed to be falling now.

Sanji will probably face an admiral and a blackbeard commander before his fight against mars, so he'll have time to get stronger like zoro and luffy
I know what I said before,I stand by it,but he should fight Saturn since he has a bug weakness(scared &shat in pants). Saturn being a scientist (lol) should also throw light on Judge as well. Royalist Buddies and the 66 days shit he mentioned when he cried his eyes out back in WCI.