Powers & Abilities Sanji will defeat a Gorosei by incinerating them

I still think Sanji is Human - Lunarian Hybrid...
Once his genes awakens , he becomes Incincible with that defense 24 x 7....
And pyrotechnics Ends up being his Forte.
If thats the case then oda is a racist fuck cause im pretty sure only reason to not make Sanji full lunarian is him not being black:kobeha:
Either this or its big ass retcon, which is unlikely since sanji lineage foreshadowings are very early in the story lmao
Blackbeard will beat 1 or more, dragon will get 1 too, nika will blueno 1, zoro might get 1 cause this is loda, a new character take on the last gorosei (kinda like dorry & brogy). Afterward strawhats vs holy knifes Aka 9 Vs 9 Captain Vs imu.