Future Events Sanji will fight Aokiji

Okay this will be controversial so I’ll try to be quick. People don’t read walls of text here.

Many people guess who Sanji’s opponent could be for the BB pirates. Some say Lafiette, some say Pizaro and others Vasco Shot. And I think the fact no singular member of the crew has resonated strongly with the fandom is telling. No one fits the bill. And while Aokiji isn’t perfect, I think he is better suited to be Sanji’s opponent.

Reason #1 — Sanji and Robin’s relationship

In Onigashima Oda decided to give us a touching moment of Sanji relying on Robin when he was in trouble. He absolutely trusted her and this meant a lot to both of them.

Sanji famously cannot condone a woman crying and will fight to make any woman happy — more ferociously the better he knows them — and Aokiji is heavily tied to Robin’s trauma and past. While he doesn’t bare all the blame, murdering Saul in front of her and leaving her with a thinly veiled threat to come after he is traumatic. I can see what Oda did in Onigashima coming back around with Sanji rescuing Robin from her past trauma via defeating Aokiji.

Reason #2 — Sanji’s usual match ups

Sanji will always fight someone who mirrors him in some way. Bonclay’s a very feminine man to mirror Sanji’s machismo attitude. Jabra was a ferocious scoundrel whereas Sanji’s royalty with ethics. Absolom reflects a Sanji without restraints. And famously Queen represents Sanji’s Germa hatred. So what does Aokiji represent for Sanji?

A compassionate man whose heart is frozen over with a sense of duty. Aokiji is relatively good though still very questionable morally. He was a dog of the world government through and through despite his reservations with how it operated. But at his core Aokiji is a good person with a weak spine. Sanji is a stubborn person unable to bend to another. Even Germa or a Yonko.

Reason #3 — Fight Itself / Powerlevels

Okay so famously Sanji does not do well against very fast characters. Just now it is. His biggest advantage has always been speed over his opponents. And you might assume that will be the case here, but it’s not. Aokiji has never been depicted as fast. Kizaru is the fast admiral. Akainu the sturdy admiral. Aokiji the admiral with hax. Aokiji was somewhat keeping up with Marco who is a little slower than Sanji normally let alone invisible speed.

Likewise, Sanji’s Ifrit Jambe is a perfect counter to Aokiji’s ice. Thematically it’s great, Sanji’s passion versus Aokiji’s callousness.

Now people may say Sanji is too weak to fight an admiral. And that’s fair. But Aokiji is crippled and there’s no reason why Sanji can’t receive another power up. Against the Blackbeard pirates, I cannot fathom that Oda wouldn’t give the monster trio power ups.

Besides, Sanji mid diffed Queen with Ifrit Jambe and Queen is only a little weaker than King. That means Current Sanji would high diff King. One of if not the strongest right hand we’ve seen in action. The only place left to go for Sanji is to a top tier. Fighting another Commander opponent will be too easy for Sanji.

So that’s my reasoning — I know some people say Law will fight Aokiji but that’s literally random. Aokiji isn’t getting handed off to a side character. Yamato if she joins fits with an ice theme but has no other reason to fight him besides that.

What do you think?
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If anything, Zoro fighting Aokiji makes more sense, Sanji would then fight Shiryu, where it's a proficient obs haki user vs an invisible man. 1. BB- Luffy 2. Zoro-Aokiji 3. Sanji-Shiryu, if Aokiji fights them at all
I have already Said this and I believe Yamato and Aokiji are part of the screw but not really falls into real crew.
And yamato vs Aokiji Is very possible. and power level is balaned at the same time too. and similar powers.
I do think aokiji is the 10th but he is no fighting Anyone if not someone would have joined the SH also he seems to betray Teach or has another plans
But how long did it take for Shanks to become a Yonkou after losing his arm? He had a lot more time to adapt himself to the disability.
And losing a leg is much worse than losing an arm.

Also, there clearly a big difference between Shanks and Aokiji, because Shanks is in fact a Yonkou, while Aokiji is not an admiral anymore. Aokiji leaving his position indirectly symbolised that he is not strong enough to be an admiral anymore.

So yeah, there's a lot of reason to think that Aokiji is not admiral level anymore.

And I'm not saying that Robin would beat Aokiji now. But she is not among the weak ones in the Straw Hats, and as a main character, it seems to make sense that she should be able to beat Aokiji by the end of the series.
She is also the one with the strongest connection with Aokiji, so if someone in the crew should fight Aokiji, then it should be Robin.
Yeah Robin's gonna be equal to akainu the fleet admiral
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Sanji will not fight Admiral of Navy HQ level character, he might fight Admiral of Pirate Fleet like Don Krieg though
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