Future Events Sanji will unlock CoC by fighting Big Mom alongside Luffy


In Wano, we had Zoro and Luffy team up together to face down Kaido: during this fight, in order to protect Luffy, Zoro unlocked CoC officially, and used it to scar Kaido.

Oda is setting up Sanji to do the same thing with Big Mom: this was why Black Maria's section was so important, it's showing Sanji's growth in terms of realizing women (like Robin) can't be treated as weak and helpless. Real men, like Zoro and Sanji, trust strong women like Robin and Vivi to handle themselves.

Sanji's Will has always been held back because he can't attack women. Let's look how this has been handled:
-Enies Lobby: Sanji is getting beaten up by a woman, and has to be rescued by Nami, another woman. Sanji is forced to allow Nami to give him aid.
-Wano: Sanji is getting beaten up by a woman, and has to choose to rely on a woman, Robin, for help, by putting her in danger.

In Wholecake, Sanji was willing to beat up Luffy in order to protect him from Big Mom. However, Sanji has never been forced to choose between protecting a crewmate and attacking a woman. Sanji will go from rejecting help, to asking for help, to overcoming his weakness.

With all the connections between Big Mom and Sanji, and how much pain she caused him, it makes sense for Big Mom to be the first woman Sanji fights. If Sanji has to choose between watching Luffy die, or kicking Big Mom... he's going to unlock CoC, and overcome his weakness. I could also see Sanji unlocking CoC by protecting Pudding from Big Mom.

(This theory obviously assumes Big Mom is still alive. Also, Vegapunk will play a big role in making Sanji realize who he is, too, I think. Vegapunk explaining how Judge modified his kids is going to be interesting).

Sanji unlocking CoC is always good for my health.

Until the part where he will fight Big Mom.
You can do NOTHING to convince me that Big Mom is dead. Kaido dying could fit the narrative, but Big Mom dying in Wano is ridiculous. There's a reason we haven't heard anything about her or the Big Mom Pirates since.

Zoro had Roof Piece. I've been thinking about how Sanji fans dislike how Sanji was left off the roof, but I think this is why. Kaido was the Yonkou Zoro helped Luffy beat, Big Mom is the Yonkou Sanji will help

Sanji deserves to get his time to shine against a Yonkou, and the Yonkou he has the most narrative connection to is BY FAR Big Mom
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I personally don't think he'll unlock COC, he has his cool moments but I don't think he's built for it.
I wasn't sure Sanji would get it, but if Jinbei and Nami got CoC, Sanji is a lock. The Wings of the Pirate King need to be balanced, after all.
mad respect for the first sanji fan thread that doesnt sound utterly retarded
I'm more of a Zoro fan, but I love Sanji, and thinks he gets way too much hate. All of the main characters in this series have either done really bad or dumb stuff, so, as long as they try to improve, I like them.

I want Zoro to learn Geppo so he can leap through the air from Sanji, and Sanji to wield cooking knives and learn some swordplay from Sanji. I love their rivalry, and hope they do train with each other.

I like all the Straw Hats... even when they piss me off.
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the entire strawhat crew ends up with conquers haki, I've speculated that since before zoro got it.

Big mom coming back on the other hand is definitely a clowns theory, if you want him to unlock conquers haki against a female stussy is infinitely more likely than oven using the DragonBalls to resurrect big mom from hell.

I get it, I'm also disappointed with how she got killed by some side characters but if either of them were going to have a chance to survive the magma it would have been the dragon not the fat old lady who gets hangry
Sanji will never unlock/awaken CoC, because it will elevate his status more. One Piece can't have that. Remember? Oda hates Sanji.

Seriously though, a true peak-level Sanji fan actually prefer that he doesn't have CoC. It is more unique and more impressive for him to reach this standing with human effort alone (he himself+his family power) than getting helped by the heaven. Think Batman, who hangs out with Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman just by being human without powers.

Also, remember, Straw Hat is also roughly balanced by Haki, Devil Fruit, and Science.
Luffy Zoro Yamato and Nami for CoC part alone is enough.