Speculations Sanji's bounty will be the 2nd highest post Egghead

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  • They will have equal bounties.

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robot kids is crazy, But didnt Black beard also struggle againt a seraphin? Its till impresive that they are holding out against them
Nah BB didn't struggle. BB is the character who is easiest to land an attack on and yet seraphim got his attack blocked and didn't damage him. Remember BB has Yami which doubles the damage he takes. Yet he was clean after fighting seraphim
Oda said this in SBS 91:

So if Luffy gets a bounty raise, it's likely the others will as well.
I don't think its an iron clad rule. WCI is an exception.
And its makes sense if only Luffy gets bounty raise because his bounty got Low balled at Wano. The rest of SH are trash who don't deserve their bounties
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Nah oda just gave us hope for Usopp. He's going to return to his preskip clutch former self.
I dont know how you still have hope for Ussop this late in the story when oda has been neglecting him and the other SHs for entire post-ts. Good for you tho that you can still have that hope
Man NGL, if post egghead Sanji bounty still below Zoro then OP is a big scam ..

Sanji feat in egghead
- No diffed s-shark
- bubble diffed Kaku
- protecting Vegapunk & wonney
- tanked gorosei attack
- fought Wizaru

Zoro feat in egghead
- get asthma