Future Events Sanji's next opponents

in this arc we saw sanji defeat a YC and whether we like the character or not this is a great feat. So given the level of opponents that Straw Hats are facing and will still face in the new world, what will be the next opponent that Sanji will face in the next arcs? Lucky Roux? Burgess? any admirals? some Gorousei?
(don't forget that the strongest are for Zoro)


I can see Laffitte vs Sanji happening.

Shiryu and Laffitte are probably Zoro's and Sanji's opponents respectively. Burgess seems like the "Jack" of the Blackbeard Pirates - he was introduced earlier than the rest just like Jack and seems like the most loyal to Teach, just like Jack was to Kaido.

Then Sanji vs Ryokogyu in the EoS war would be his final fight imo.
Sanji is only fighting Beckman if Zoro fights Mihawk or Shanks lol. We don't even know if they'll properly fight the RHP in the first place.

It makes 0 sense for Oda to put Zoro out of fighting for an entire arc if he plans to set up major 1v1s during said arc. That is entirely unprecedented. Every time Zoro has sustained major injuries, he's been properly healed by the next time there are major 1v1s, or he straight up just fought with his injuries
Gin would be cool if it happened and will most likely be one of his best fights but I don't see it.

Other than that...

Maybe Katakuri if BM survives here and they go on to Elbaf... I don't see it happening though. I see BM going down here and I don't see Kat made to lose to Sanji after he already lost to Luffy. No point in doing that

Maybe Lucky Roo. Also, don't see it happening. I don't see anything more than a clash between Luffy and Shanks and that's about it if RHP don't die to BB first

Third strongest on BB pirates. Laffite is a good candidate but I am not sure if he is 3rd strongest.
Blonde gorosei