Questions & Mysteries Sanji's scar

Sanji is a freak of nature, the dude shouldn't even be alive at this point, not suprised he's not human, he got his organs crushed, was stabbed by absalom multiple times, got burned alive twice in the same day etc...., that plus his messed up childhood

Sanji's recovery speed is just insane, even luffy with plot armor doesn't recover that fast, no wonder he's scar proof, the man recovered from third degree burns in a matter of hours
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A scar is proof of a man's hard fought battles and effort,except those you get while running away.
Sanji is not manly enough to get one of those, the only scar he bears is on his mind, the memories from okama island.
this is top tier bullshit and you know it lol,a scar isn't a proof of anything, what sanji did against ener wasn't manly?
Haha no kidding but I'm waiting for more chapters related to Sanji's adventures in order to find out what Ivankov eventually trained him exactly.
I honestly think if it's true and Sanji is hiding death wink up his sleeve, then we'll get a fun flashback to the Kamabakka kingdom and see more. To be honest I'm more curious about what Franky saw in Vegapunk's lab before the timeskip than anything else - but that's for another thread lol