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Theme : Santa's Anime Christmas
Host : @AL sama

this game may contain bastard mechanics so don't play it like a normal game.
1 @Finalbeta killed Day 1
2 @Yo Tan Wa killed Day 2
3 @Midnight Delight killed Night 1
4 @Marimo_420 lynched Day1
5 @Dragomir End Game
6 @Flower killed Day 2
7 @Queen lynched Day 3
8 @RayanOO replaced by @Fujishiro killed Day 2
9 @Lindltaylor killed Night 2
10 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE killed Day 3
11 @Gambit killed Day 2
12 @Zem killed Night 1
13 @Real Go D. Usopp killed Day 3
14 @Seraphoenix killed Day 3
15 @Alibaba
16 @Luthon killed Night 1
17 @Reborn lynched Day 2
18 @krogothwolf killed Night 3
19 @AL sama End Game

Rules of Role Creation
  • Every role must've 1 passive and 2 active abilities.
  • Super kill, Super immunity and revive type abilities must be limited to shot.
  • Players must choose their own alignment.
  • Players needs choose a character to make their roles from the provided list of shows.
  • All abilities must be based on only what has been shown in the anime.
  • I m allowed to make changes to the roles for balancing.
List of Anime
  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • Jojo
  • AOT
  • BNHA
  • JJK
  • TSDS
  • FMAB
  • DBS
  • Kingdom
  • Berserk
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • Death Note
  • Code Geass
  • GOHS
  • Monogatari
  • Date A Live
Game Style :
  • Closed Setup - no information about the setup of this game .
  • No talking about the game outside this game thread or you Role PM with me.
  • Claiming - claiming is allowed in this game.
  • Voting Format - to vote or unvote someone, type with bold letters vote lynch [player name] or unvote.
  • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. No-lynch is an option.
  • Day start - This game will begin with a Day phase.
  • Phase length - The game is divided into cycles with each cycle consisting of 2 phases, a day phase and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours .
  • At the end of the day phase, there shall be a dusk phase. Players will still be allowed to post but day actions and votes won't count anymore. A dusk phase will not always be officially announced.
  • I expect players to post at least 5 times in the day phase , if you don't meet post requirement there will be mod blocking or you will be subbed .
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