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Maybe read my posts properly instead and save us both time

You can keep the vote during the entire game lmao.
Ofcrs you won't. I don't see how a player like Usopp persue me with such jumps n reasoning.

I didn’t like his post where he tells folks to keep eye on Rayan at all. And it's not like my initial reads were anything solid bt gut feelings that i decided to start my game with.

Yeah my words weren't right there. Bt i meant to chck Flower if someone has any such ability. Zem post on Flower made sense so i backed down my stance on Flowa.
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I will answer it regardless, just once

No i am saying i dont see anything important in there. I can understand Zem and i know Beta.

I didn’t label him Indie. This was what i thought Drago did between Beta n Zem.

Ofcrs i dont.

Or maybe i pinpointed finger at a right sus, and you got alarmed.
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Give me a filler. Not even a single thing is right in Usopp case on me.

I didn’t made any

Never did.

I dont think he is such a bad player to misunderstand my posts to such degree. I am keeping my vote on Tac, depending on future interaction i wouldn't be surprised if he is in scum chat with one of my suspects.
Okay rereading make sense. 🤦‍♂️😒

Usopp, you mistook my post. I was explaining why i understood Zem avoiding engaging Beta. In last game their unnecessary clash streched multiple hours and that allowed scums to hide. I was speaking about last game D1 event, not that scums are hiding in this game.

chck my next post to the one in reference. See

You can see why i didn't take your post seriously when i never intended anything you accused me of.

Now you can continue your sus against me but
ur not convincing at all lmao
vote stays where it is

God I hope that wouldn't stay, but it wouldn't be the first time I seen that in a game. I have even seen towns that invested guilty, which is common.
my role last game was town that scans guilty lol

Hmm so far:

Flower stuff is weird. I feel it's an ability from her role. I very much doubt it's something townish. My take for now is a slight scum read on her.

If I were to compare midnight now to the one and only game we played together where he was town I'd say he's a bit more passive now. Not sure if it's alignement indicative or just how he's feeling like playing now or if the other game was an exception.

Al Sama might or might not be/trigger a bastard mechanism. First time playing where a host is also a player.

Usopp is pretty neutral to me since he didn't do anything that would definitely ping me as he being town or scum.

Rest is pretty neutral so far. Playing with everyone else for the first time and didn't get anything that would make me feel they were definitely town or scum
seems like a rly forced post lol


k so i caught up on the thread and here is what i can see:

1. the ramen shop is considered an action, so was done by a player not the host. I did visit it but didn't get anything yet, maybe it has a chance to give u a powerup or poisoned ramen at night? not sure

2. C.C action is NAI. Its very bold of queen to claim that action tho. I really don't know what to make of it. will have to town read queen for now cuz its too blatant to be scum

3. flower was not vote silenced by anyone since it was never shown. she is either faking it or thats her passive. But she seems to be straight up forced to like all posts. Lets say: Flower if you are town, DO NOT like this post.

but she will like it anyway. I mean we could straight up vote her up and see if she truly can't talk or not. I am down honestly.
CFD flower imo. she speaks or begone. I dont see any value in having her on the thread rn.

4. The only event done by AL was the find pepe smoke emote. which seems none did yet, and it probably have some sort of ingame reward

5. the naughty list seem to include ningens that vote against AL. He said this game has some bastard stuff, but it is not completely a bastard game. Big difference there. I wouldnt wanna get rid of him (yet). its a waste of lynch imo.

6. city of devouring time is a kuromi action lmao. its NAI rly but i think we would all know who did it by now xd


as for the players:

> drago and yo tan don't seem to be from the same faction, im dem near confident we have a 1/2 chance of hitting scum if we lynch one of them

> zem is so fken hard to read cuz she is trolling on purpose. this is gna be the 2nd time i give her a free pass day 1..

> beta seems town. the most genuine player so far, or simply playing too good if scum

> gambit and midnight look like town clowns this game, but everytime midnight plays like that he flips scum

> neutral on lind so far. doesnt strike me as strong town read as last game. neutral on reborn aswell. both seem rly good players and able to disguise their sht

overall i say our best bets today for info sake is flower, drago or yo tan lynch. do not waste lynch on AL imo
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did somebody get pissed off and used this on me?
Figuring out what the hell flower is or about liking post restriction w/e that one is the least concern we should look at.

So you do believe that there's a day ability in play?
Merry Xmas Yall. Singing a Buble' rn. Blue blue Christmas......
Let's give it up to the falling snow flakes. LOLOLOL>


I see someone setting up fishy sushi right here.
I am pretty sure there's nothing wrong on my end. LOLOLOL
So serious huh. It's the holidays. LMAO
I love how Beta responds to stuff. LOLOLOL.
It's the sista of Ramon

So it all started with Gambit questioning Beta's passion on figuring out Flower's like machine/mechanics/whatever. Sure Beta, kinda did a serious taking on that one but it doesn't constitute that he was being defensive in being asked about it. I am seeing it that Zem simply saw something that raised her radar that's why he called Beta out. And they just kept on defending themselves all throughout the phase.

Following the above sequence, I think that out of the players involved in the discussion, Lanji was the one who somewhat capitalize on that exchange and it seems to me that he was trying to pocket one of them by defending the other.

If I would be asked who my scum reads are at the moment, it's Midnight, Lanji, and Drago
your only post so far providing anything substantial.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't love to expand on that. I wouldn't give scums a free read to be parotted. My reads are just. Subject to change depending on the rail.
you cant expand on it so nothing substantial
thinking I am after you based on this is asinine.

Inb4 somebody accused @Luthon that he questions a lot. LOLOLOL. Literally.
fluff again .
what do you make of that restrict? lean town or harmful ones? i mean, never found a townie ability who opted to hid herself in the town phase which is DP.

and if we are gonna think if it's someone's ability, it was done at the start of the phase which I don't fully buy.
more fluff .....
so have any chance to expand on the three reads you made earlier....
1. the ramen shop is considered an action, so was done by a player not the host. I did visit it but didn't get anything yet, maybe it has a chance to give u a powerup or poisoned ramen at night? not sure
Beta insinuated something different upon visiting it. So it's maybe a randomized result. I have seen that many times. You got lucky tho if that's the case.

I honestly don't see Al's relevance in this game thus far. Maybe there will be factors involved in lynching him or casting an active ability on him but to waste the lynch or an ability towards him I think would not help us progress into the game.

Flower on the other hand. I mean if she's town and chosen that ridiculous passive, then I don't see the sense tbh. Furthermore, a scum would normally hide behind posting in order to guarantee an null read or in most cases, have a pass in giving out reads. But she is committed in liking posts and I am inclined into believing that there might be a reward when she did not miss a thing. I won't lynch her at this point.


idk about going this ham on loose straws like gambit rly

the same could be said about midnight and alibaba, why arent u picking on them?

even marimo is hella fluffing only this game
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