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Point out exactly what n where and you are not being very clear Lanji. You say you have reason not to sus Rayan, and here you are questioning me for doing exactly that?

Also, are you being thick on purpose. I gave plenty of reasons to you why i prefer wolf over Rayan.
no you didnt
I know why I do
but its not possible for you . its literally day 2.

rayan has been unhelpful and has not given reads
so in your long breakdown
I didnt see krogo or rayan is a good lynch for being in the same boat
I saw a fairer take on rayan , less so on krogo.
catching rayan as scum 3 times
is not valuable reason to negate this
already stated this multiple times
Yeah whatever.
@Dragomir let's wait n hear from @RayanOO and @krogothwolf
We have time. If they don't do anything let's go with them.

You confirm Queen at night. Her passive is immortal, so results should be true. And if all are Indie, i dont think players would choose framing over op abilities.
Drago get back to me on this, i will be back in few mins.

Else we go with Queen.

AL sama

Red Haired
??? activated dark matter

@Fujishiro has been killed
The RyoFui :

The greatest trader : at night you can sell your votes to people in exchange of more powers.

You can contact people anonymously and create a PM with them and negotiate your vote power : one vote max trade by player. They trade one of their power against one of your vote power.

You can contact at best 2 different people per nights.

Ryofui can stock the powers and use them with the same condition than the first owner.

Passive : Chancellor of the state : you have two votes power.

Wincon : survive till the end or gather 10 différents power slots and be the king of the trader
2 @Yo Tan Wa
5 @Dragomir
7 @Queen
8 @Fujishiro
9 @Lindltaylor
11 @Gambit
13 @Real Go D. Usopp
14 @Seraphoenix
15 @Alibaba
17 @Reborn
18 @krogothwolf
19 @AL sama
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