Controversial Sasuke vs naruto vs gojo vs sukuna

Im starting a war
Which was better fight?
Which was done better?
Which had better ending/conclusion?
Which had more hype?
My opinions:
#1: sasuke vs naruto imo, the stakes as last battle of the manga were higher and the dynamic and waiting for the fight was better done overall
#2: probably sukuna vs gojo imo, i like how they used everything in their arsenal ( well almost cause sukuna has whole another form )
Naruto and sasuke also almost use everything but some things kinda feel whacky like naruto not using other bijuus or stronger rasengans or holding back in general or sasuke barely using rinnegan effectively, tho using rinnegan really drains his chakra
#3: lol, naruto vs sasuke clears
#4: i wasnt on the fandom back then cant comment on that but sukuna vs gojo had insane amount of hype, most in years