Speculations Saturne is the boss villain of this Egghead war

-Can take back control of Seraphims.
-has historical tie with Vegapunk
-Can make york a CD if he want.
-Can order marines retreat if he deem the situation in egghead to be a misunderstanding
-was deployed in case Vegapunk retaliate mean he has a plan and an ability that is game changing.
-Has all the information luffy need about vivi
-This is a golden opportunity for him to kill both robin and franky for ponegliph and science research.
-Will delivers judgement uppon Lucci and Kaku and all the CP division captured for teaming up with strawhats
-Bonney is a time bomb curntly and might go as crazy to attack saturne for what happened to kuma
-Luffy will use Gear 5 against saturne for void century lore on nika.
-There are no top tiers CP0 because they are in complet service of Gorosei who are the CPO top tier equivalent. Like them they live in secrecy and hide alot to the world.

His relevance this arc isnt only far above kizaru, it shit on him completely. saturne is also the link to Imu vs Luffy setup for final war.


I have a feeling that Saturn is a gimmick fighter, he has some super hax ability, but once you figure out how to counter it you can easily beat him.
Probably. I expect someone will come to Egghead and deal with Kizaru instead (Dragon? Teach?).
I would love to see Dragon fight but I think Oda should save it until he fights a stronger Gorosei and Sakazuki.
I do expect Dragon to win against any Gorosei but not against Sakazuki. The latter would be an extreme diff. fight between the two.