Current Events Scenario: How would YOU capture the Warlords?

You are in charge of the Marines. You have two objectives post-Reverie:
1) Protect Mary Geoise from a Revolutionary attack should they choose to retaliate for Sabo.
2) Capture (or kill if unavoidable) the remaining Warlords before they cause the WG trouble or ally with other pirates.

You have every (canon) Marine resource available, but I've given you these 10 restrictions:
1) Sakazuki cannot leave New Marineford.
2) Vegapunk's Shichibukai replacement is not available yet.
3) Garp, Sengoku and Bogard are not available to help.
4) Kong, Cipher Pol, slave Kuma, Impel Down resources are off limits. Instead, the WG gives you a fleet of 30 old Pacifista like Marineford.
5) This is a timely operation. You cannot reuse resources like sending one Admiral through 3 different battlefields.
6) Your total manpower cannot exceed 100,000 Marines.
7) Sword, Coby aside, cannot abandon their covert ops. They are unavailable.
8) Eight Vice Admirals will be left behind to protect Grand Line bases G-1 through G-7 and Judicial Island. If you are planning to throw every last Vice Admiral at the enemy, you must choose which 8 stay behind.
9) You may assume Revs Sabo, Morley, Lindberg, and Karasu are currently not a threat to Mary Geoise.
10) Buggy CANNOT be written off. He and his Impel Down + mercenary crew must be considered at least as dangerous as Moria or Crocodile's former organizations.

How do you split your forces between the Revolutionary Army's remains and the Warlord hunt?
Who are the key figures attacking each Warlord?
- Chaton + Ryokugyu + 30 Pacifistas for Mihawk

- Fujitora & Momousagi for Reverie ( Akainu just send Ryokugyu anyway , and there are Kong , CP 0 , Royals' Guards in there )

- John Giant + Momonga + Coby + 10.000 Marines Soldiers + 10 Marine Battleships for Hancock & the rest of Amazon Lily

- Stainless ( like in reality ) + Ronse + Doberman + 10.000 Soldiers for Buggy & Crew

- Weevil physically was said in Vivre Card to be similar to Whitebeard before WB got sickness , and Kizaru himself hyped him , so i'll postpone trying to catch him

But what Patryipe wrote is a good idea
Do 10 world drafts in a row and recruit 10 new admirals.

Also Dragon is too scared to attack the WG and even if he isn't Akainu alone plus some va and maybe standard Marineford garrison at home he would be able to tank Dragon (who is the only one who can give problems) plus 4-5 guys with Ivankov as the strongest.

Then send an admiral and backup for Mihawk, some va for Boa and Buggy, call a buster call on both islands and wait for them at sea where df users are weaker and aim for the ships (probably they don't even have enough to match the navy forces equally). Weevil is a moron and I would maybe leave him alone for a bit, he can do more harm to pirates than help.

For the names to send.. Coby is already tied to Amazon lily operation, to aid him I would put strong female marine members who maybe are more resistent to Hancock powers and Momonga too since he at least experienced them once.

For Buggy maybe some guys with good aoe attacks which can stop Buggy's guys who should be above the average, a main attack force with guys like Lucci (don't considering coa) would be perfect for Buggy even if you overhype him to Shanks and WB level if you just know his powers. Maybe you can even send an admiral since you can spare 1 or 2.

For Mihawk an admiral like Kizaru would be good and a lot of guys with support abilities to be sure to win, even if that wouldn't be a fair fight but we are trying to win.
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Honestly, I'd leave Fujitora and Kizaru behind to Take care of Marine HQ and Mary geoise.

I'd send Greenbull and 5000 marine soldiers to take care of Weevil.

I'd send a buster call to take care of Hancock. The 5 VA's leading the buster call are the Marines strongest VA's.

I'd send a buster call to take care of Buggy and his crew. The 5 VA's leading this buster call will be weaker VA's (Example : Smoker / Vergo level)

Lastly Mihawk, if I'm the Marines I don't bother going for Mohawk as of yet, I'd just give him the Rayleigh treatment for now because sending people to try and capture him would just be a waste of resources because you'd need at least 2 admirals or 1 admiral and multiple top VA's to capture/kill him and that's not really an available option right now.
Go to Marvel and Call Thanos and Hydra

Plunder their ships and send assassins taking out their crew mates.
Place a bomb under Hawkeye ship
Send the 50,000 marines to each pirate captain
Cool thread^^

- I would let Chaton and Fujitora stay in Mary geoise to protect against Revs Sabo, Morley, Lindberg, and Karasu,everything outside the two, would be a fodder for Sabo and co, so don´t need to push it more.

- Then I would check my troup again I have over 18 viceadmirals(the 8 who stay behind are Ronse,Comil,Lacroix,Cancer,Mozambia,Maynard,Bastille and Tsuru), which means I have 11viceadmirals to be use against the Shichibukai.
Also I would make send for each Samurai at least 10 Battleships and 10000Soldiers

- To catch Mihawk, I would send a combo with GreenBull+Sentomaru+Doberman+Dalmatian in combo with 10 Battleships and 10000soldiers

- To catch Boa I would send Momousagi+Momonga+Onigumo+Coby in combo with 10 Battleships and 10000soldiers and 10 Pacifista

- To catch Buggy I would send Stainless+Yamakaji+Strawberry in combo with 10 Battleships and 10000soldiers and 10 Pacifista

- To catch Weevil I would send Kizaru+Smoker+John Giant+Hina in combo with 10 Battleships and 10000soldiers and 10 Pacifista

Overall 60000soldiers would be left in Marineford alongside 8 viceadmirals and one Fleet Admiral(Fujitora and Chaton can come as back up if Akainu need help if someone would invade the Navy HQ)

To catch Mihawk even though having such a huge and strong fleet would need at least days, but this would play in my hands.
Let assume Mihawk and Greenbull would fight for days, the other Samurais would be already catch by my another force. So in otherhand I could send at least a another force with Momousagi or Kizaru fleet and two Admirals would defeat Mihawk. In the end I would catch every Shichibukai. But be honest, in Mihawk favour probably Shanks and his crew would come to save their Captain, so in the end probably Mihawk would flee.

You could make a bonus round where we make choice how we could catch Mihawk while Shanks and his crew back him up ^^
Just make something that make a yonko angry and frame the warlord for that thing..then wait for yonko to come for their asses...Easy