[FNZ] Light game Scrimmage Mafia (Unofficial)

Is Drago the Best Host?

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There was no need to vote to end the phase since your votes are automatically locked upon voting, I would have ended it the moment a majority is reached.

But anyway Midnight shall be lynched. Gimme a filler.


thanks, when tris found out my role and people started tagging i just said fuck it iโ€™m not gonna post the entire day so they would eventually forget about me ๐Ÿ˜‚
It worked this time, but itโ€™s better if you donโ€™t coast in the future - it wonโ€™t work against others.
you guys killed 4 subs just cause you got scared
:doffytroll: thatโ€™s what gave them the W
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