"Sea Prince" Aye

Name: Aye
Epithet: Sea Prince
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'1
Aye is a black man with cornrows and a white headband. He has light brown eyes and carries a serious expression when in front of strangers. He wears a dark blue baggy tracksuit on most occasions with a single line going down both sides. Under the tracksuit are an undershirt and shorts. His clothes have raggedy holes cut through for his wings. He has temporary markings on his arms marking his homeland on a sky island, but they are seeming to fade as he spends more time on the seas.

He was born and spent his early life on a sky island, but after a pirate came and destroyed his home he had to flee to the ground with his family. As a young skypiean in a human village, he did face some discrimination for his looks, but soon the village got over their differences. He worked under a fisherman for most of his younger years. One day he sailed a little too far away from the dock and his boat was destroyed by a sea king, but the sea king did not eat him, instead, it left him stranded in the middle of the ocean. After a few days, he was saved by some sailors, and when he got back home and told everyone about the sea king no one believed him. They mockingly gave him the nickname Sea Prince, and it stuck. Eventually, he outgrew the village and became a bounty hunter to go and see the world.

Aye always carries a serious expression, though those close to him know that he is often daydreaming. He has problems staying focused in certain situations. Even though he is a bounty hunter, he does a lot of his work pro bono, instead of doing it to help villages with pirates and wild animals. Facing discrimination for his looks when he was younger caused him to become pretty good at comebacks, and will usually never lose when it comes to insults. With friends he acts like a brat, living up to his nickname, the sea prince.