[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 10 - Antagonists Vs Protagonists

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Light D Lamperouge

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝕮𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖓
I lean town on him. Though I would like to see more from him. Townie points imo are that he was aboard the Tobi lynch, though he noted he doesn't particularly scum read him. Reminded Fuji to vote for Tobi or Flowa would be the one lynched. Used up a claim that was over the limit by accident on D1, I think scum would have been more careful in that regard. One thing I don't like is that I really haven't seen him try to make a town pool this game, which per his own words is his scum trait. Slight town lean.

Town read. It was between her and Tobra D1 and I am not sure if we got 2 scums on D1. Tobra voted for her for a very weak reason. Scrutinized TAC about the LD which led to a lot of suspicion on him and he flipped scum. Has been more reckless which is usually a town Flowa thing. The only thing off was that apparently wrong LD on Cal.

Town as well. Started the train on Tobi, called him out for voting Flowa for what he said was lying, and hasn't so far pinged me wrong. Has had some good observations in the game.

  1. @Midnight Delight
Well I was leaning town on Nat. Don't think TAC would have defended a mate like that at all. Her unwillingness to claim is also her town trait. Scum Beta is now trying to implicate her here. And I don't think Beta would out 2 mates like that. We'll see how Midnight does though.

Scum lol. I don't really need to explain much here.

Town read. I believe he's been very upfront and open this game and on his town meta. Voted for TAC yesterday, and was the 2nd voter on the wagon, after yours truly, hinted at being an important role, and has apparently also helped at night.

Still don't like the weird tunnel he had on me. He did bring up Tobi as well in some of them so that can be a plus. Has had some posts where he seemed uninformed, but that could easily have been faked. Voted for Flowa over TAC yesterday but iirc that was before the votes were counted and didn't show up later. However, he clearly showed to intention to vote for Flowa over TAC, which with TAC's flip is a minus. Slight sus lean. Need to see him more active.

Scum lean. I already noted the soft defense on Tobi, and Fuji noted a soft defense on FB as well. He was apparently silenced and has now hinted at having evidence against TAC as well, which imo is shaky since TAC is gone and Anon wasn't there during the voting process.

  1. @Dr_Professor83
Town reading him at the moment. Has been very proactive and game solving. Has had that one post which I brought up earlier, which I am keeping in mind, but other than that a solid town read now.

  1. @SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo
Honestly, null read. I don't really have much to tell here, and since this is his first game, I have no clue on his meta. Hasn't been very active so I can't get a better read yet.

I am iffy on him tbh. Has had some posts where he made some mistakes, and after seeing scum Destroya at work in the All Stars game, I believe he would have been much more careful with those if he was indeed scum. Though of course this could be WIFOM, but a gut feeling is that he would be more careful. Was aboard the Tobi lynch and one of the earlier voters on it, though it goes without saying that he's a great busser. Put him in the not sure pile.

I am leaning scum on him. Claimed dependable, which I have thought is a scum name and ability due to reasons discussed D2. I don't buy his claim as well. He apparently switched Flowa and Beta, but has also read both of them town, and I am not sure why a BD would switch two people he reads as town. Ostensibly, Flowa LD'ed some of his post and got some result, but I am still not able to perceive what exactly, and Flowa's LD hasn't shown to be good on the first try, so not sure if we can still rely on it.

His vote was on Lind yesterday which imo made no sense. I already explained before that why I read Lind as town. Voted Tobra D1 but at the VC his vote was on Flowa. Probably due to not voting properly. Feels a bit fluffy from my pov. Haven't noticed him explain his reads most of the time, which I would like to see. He fairly active but I am somehow not feeling his presence in the game much if that makes sense. I'd place him with Dest in the not sure pile.
Has had very few posts. I've seen people say that when they are scum they are usually more proactive and involved in the game. Was aboard the Tobra lynch quite early though, so I guess with those things coupled I could lean town on them.
Rainbow Time
Scum Flowa - I don't need to say much more here.
Natalija - I really do hope Nat is Wolf here because it would just help the game state so much. There's something deep in my gut that says I'm going to be wrong here, but she absolutely needs to be resolved here.

anon - If Flower flips Wolf, I think that the Silencer was 'used' on anon here to get some of the D2 heat off them (it wasn't a lot) and maybe help a newbie slide by. If Flower felt confident she could use the Lie Detect claim to work town cred, then she would also essentially be protecting anon with this tactic as well.
Ekkologix - Ekko I feel COULD be faking this as well, just to fuck around. But I also think there's a chance that the Silencer may be a real ability and Ekko was actually targeted with it. So there's more here that makes me lean anon instead of Ekko if Flower flips Wolf.
Ryu Kishi - I will say that I'm not a huge fan of Ryu's play. I think he's been pretty easy with how he changes his mind and there's a slight sense he doesn't really care about who dies. He'd need to be checked over a bit to get a better read, but depending on the size of the Wolf team, he's a candidate as last Wolf on a four-person team (Tobi, Flower, Ekko/Anon, Ryu).

- I'm going to use shades of green here for some names if I'm completely dead wrong in this game. I don't think I am, but maybe Flower's play has really fucked me up and then there's going to be some readjustments needed. I think that if Flower flips Town, I'm not super interested in anon or Ekko right away. Lind has had some good posts in this game and has some reasonable thoughts, but then there's other posts that kind of ping me. Maybe Lind is just playing fine this game and has some reads right and some reads wrong. I'd like to think that, but there's also something here that tingles slightly.
Light D Scumperouge - I won't lie, I think this has been a pretty good game from Light, regardless of alignment. There hasn't been many Wolf traces from him and he's played fairly clean (except for that initial Flower push). I'd honestly just like to call him Town and be done with it but I also think that if Flower flips Town, there's still someone smart on this Wolf team and maybe a bit crazy and it could be light. Wild possibility in my brain that he's Indie, if one exists in this game.
Fruitji - I tried to make Fuji the lightest green possible. Again, if Flower flips Town, I think there's still a 'mastermind' in the Wolf team and Fuji could fit that bill. There's definitely things from him this game that I haven't seen in two close looks at him as Town (he did get Culted in Hololive). I'd also kind of be disappointed if he faked that emotion and argument with me just to mess with me or something. Not completely out of the realm, but I want to say Town here as well.

All these guys are just automatically null for me and are all probably super easy to ISO. If maybe one, definitely two, of these people are wolves, then yeah this is gg.

Marimo_420 - Marimo has popped up in blips. I think he's been vocal about who he wants lynched? Have to see who that is.
SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo - Little presence and is newish? I think there's enough there to probably be okay as Town, but not a lot.
T-Pein™ - Had some thread presence as of late but not great contributions. Tpein is a little less ZAZZY then what I've seen from him lately and I wonder if that is something of concern.
Hayumi - I feel like in the three or four games I've played with Hayumi they've been fairly AWOL.

TheAncientCenturion - This could be someone I'm wrong about and would shake the game up a bit, but I've honestly been Town reading TAC the whole game and think that rapping ability is SHIT for Wolf. We now know what Beta's check on TAC was and I don't think it's THAT incriminating. However, I am curious about the defense of Nat and what he has. I'll assume it's mechanical and leave it at that.
Cray Cray - Has looked pretty townie this whole game and was also vocal about Tobi dying. I should check over their posts just to make sure they were sincere, but I don't really have a trouble reading Cray as Town here. This could be the WOLF I'm WILDLY wrong about, since I think they probably could pull it off, but I would be COMPLETELY fooled by that and that's a solid handshake.

Finalbeta - It does feel gross saying that I Town read Beta, but yeah, I think his claim about TAC is completely true. However, I think there may be some interpretation of those abilities up for debate, even if Mr. Beta disagrees.
Dr_Professor83 - If this guy is scum, he can have MVP. I think that maybe some of his thoughts on Flower and myself were iffy, but I do see him talking through his thoughts and trying to explain where he's coming from. That just kind of reads as him being honest and trying to help solve the game, something I feel a scum in his first game would have trouble fabricating. If he is Wolf, than Kudos.
Destroya - Did you have any doubt that I was going to be the most Town? I lynched Tobi right away, and though I love bussing, D1 one is AMBITIOUS for that kind of behavior. Remember how I said there are some things that are anti-town and not great play? Well there are some things that are 'anti-wolf' as well and I think bussing a teammate, unless something crazy happened, during D1 is greasy. If you want to talk about meta, go look at the All-Star scum chat and I'd say I was a fairly good Wolf teammate. Also, this is a kind of level of power wolfing that I am simply not capable of doing while playing two other games (one has now ended).

I got to edit some of this but I did my homework last phase.


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still think nat is mafia and now she probably perma crushed someone

anyway there haven't been much night kills and lynches all fail

kinda slow game ngl
TAC outed FB as his mate, Light may have hit Lind on purpose instead of bus drove since Tpein came out and said that he didnt bd him. But Light thinks that he may have gotten redirected then.
I always had the feeling that Light didn't shoot Tobi and then with Tpein saying he did not Drive Light, that theory has a little bit more leg strength now. If Light shot Lind on purpose, I think his role has been hurting Townies all game.
Also, @Ekkologix flower being silenced with no write up being there is because there are no write ups until Day 2.

Anyway, since what Ripped did counts as a claim. We have only one, so any Miller can come out.

Actually, we don’t know if he’s unkillable or scum, Ryu.

All roles lose 2 lives if lynched - That’s what Xlaw said. Meaning even a townie with 3 - 4 lives would lose only 2 lives. Same with scum.

So surviving a lynch doesn’t equal being scum and since all roles lose 2 lives upon being lynched, no role is unkillable either.
Hmmm. Here's an answer. Just another convenience.


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yeet nat after beta

and look at those opportunitic cal voters that kept derailing from nat that day

right after cal got lynched i started getting targeted at night as well

its obvious asfk nat is scum in my eyes
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