[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 10 - Antagonists Vs Protagonists

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Fruijit = Nat
Ripped = Nat
Cray = Nat
Flowa = Nat < Ripped
TAC = Tobi
Ekk = Nat
Finalbeta = TAC
Light = Nat
Nat = Ripped
Destroya = Tobi > Light
T-Pein = Nat
Dr. Prof = Nat
Hayumi = Nat
SSTZ = Ripped
Marimo = Light

If you want to change your vote , simply do unvote first
In case I've missed your vote , let me know
Nat was up 9-3 against Cal with like, four hours left in D2. Wow was that Cal lynch bad.
Your tpein stuff is lame af.
I saw krogothwolf claim my role and he died.
The end
You keeping your role a secret has nothing to do with what I posted there. Your Cal stuff doesn’t make sense.

Also if you were worried about getting killed for being Dependable then why did you claim now? And if you were Scum it isn’t like Scum didn’t know Krogo was someone else. In fact Krogo killed themselves with their own power. Dependable would seem like the worst choice to turn their move back on themselves for team Scum.
Okay, Reading Homework: @Xlaw

If I wanted to breakdown every single detail I could write 3 paragraphs on most of you guys, but I don’t think anyone wants that so I will try to keep it simple with only the most relevant information in my eyes.

Fruitji: Town. If Fruitji is Scum then I’ve been way off on him. He’s made a few comments and post that could hint at Scum moves, but the Town stuff far outweighs that for me. He’s been very open, but there’s always the chance he’s lying since you can never trust someone completely.

Flower: Town. Two out three phases It’s come down to her vs Scum. She got the Cal vote wrong and she made a bad move on the claim, but I think she made even worse moves if she’s Scum. She got TAC killed way more than Beta did. If her and TAC had any kind of coordination on that whole lie detector fiasco they need to join a clown circus together. At absolute worst I think she’s Indie.

Light: Undecided. Could go either way. If T-Pien is town then it definitely supports Light as Scum, but there’s a chance that Light was redirected another way against Lind that didn’t show up in the WU. He was one that voted TAC so that helps his case. But he also voted Flower D1, but it makes sense that he could be town still since he corrected that. If he starts abstaining from attacking at night to keep from harming town by being redirected that’s probably a town move. That or a very scared Scum.

T-Pien: Scum lean. Claimed he was Dependable today. Hinting that he did in fact save Cal because he read Cal as town, which is very weird because he went after Cal hard the phase before and voted to lynch him.

Beta: Probably Scum unless TAC is the most ruthless mafia player to ever play lol.

Nat/Midnight: Probably Scum if Beta flips town. Was the first to declare that Beta is Scum if TAC flips Scum, just before TAC went off on Beta. If Beta is Town then Nat and Beta probably orchestrated everything. Also Nat had a suspicious codename but could be Saitama with the “Ok” thing. Lind had a suspicious codename and was town so I don’t think that’s enough anymore. Monster keeps punching people which leans to the Saitama theory.

Destroya: Probably Town. Appears to be working super hard. Hyper focused on Flower, but that doesn’t automatically make him Scum. Kind of weird he is protecting Beta but buys into Flower doing the same thing if she’s Mafia. I think he’s more likely to be Town with a chip on his shoulder against Flower and something to prove to us all than Scum. He appears to be working all angles diligently.

Ryu: Undecided. Has been active enough but I get the feeling that he doesn’t seem to care too much about what happens. But maybe he’s just a laid back kind of guy.

Cray Cray: Town. Has been helpful imo. Not much more that I have to say, which means I’m probably not looking hard enough. Was one of the first to get Tobi’s lynch rolling. I may need to go back and look at them harder to see where their possible Scum moves could have been.

Anon: Maybe Scum? Weird that he got silenced when he was so quiet before. He’s also new, but I can’t say anything about that. I’m just much more of a blabbermouth. He was either faking or someone tired to frame him I think. Lind basically admitted to silencing Ekko but said they didn’t know about Anon. He did apparently try to vote TAC last round but maybe that was distancing? Idk.

Ekko: Undecided. People talk like his moves are unstable AF so idk how I’m supposed to read his actions when they could be 500 IQ moves that go beyond my small minded understanding. Lind basically admitted to silencing him and Lind was town, so I think his silence was real. Was one of the first on the Tobi train and also pushed Tobi to be voted at the very end when it was close between him and Flower. But weirdly came into today and asked why we hadn’t voted Nat or Flower out when Flower looked more innocent than ever. But probably explained by him just not being caught up to date.

Marimo: No Read. He hasn’t been active enough for me to pay attention to. I’m just leaving him be for now and staying focused on the more active participants.

Hayumi: No Read. Same as Marimo.

SanjiisStrongerThanZoro: No Readish. Except he made a very weird comment about his ability only working if someone is on to him. Which sounds sus as hell to me. I’ve brought that quote up several times but no one else seems to care lol.
Okay. This make sense.

Enough so that I’m sorry I grilled you @T-Pein™ , but not really because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have come to that conclusion. I now read you as probably Town and Light as a heavier lean toward Scum.
Just like I said.
Fuji figured it out earlier and explained the thought process somewhat.
I even quoted to destroyer about cal and everything..
This is literally idiotic. I wanted a claim yesterday, Cal stole it. Sucks to be him now.
So this is a super pingy post in D3 because as I explained, Flower literally sat and waited until Fuji claimed in D2. If she really wanted to claim, she would have done it differently. Here she's blaming that Cal stole a claim, which is completely false, and we know Cal flipped Town.
In one post you will have to give read on all alive players . And conclude it with your own final verdict.
  1. @Ekkologix Neutral
  2. @Scum Flowa Town
  3. @Cray Cray Town ( All my employees are town)
  4. @Light D Scumperouge Scum lean
  5. @Midnight Delight Scum lean
  6. @Finalbeta Scum
  7. @Fruitji Scummy Town
  8. @Marimo_420 Town
  9. @anon Scum lean
  10. @Dr_Professor83 Town or indie
  11. @SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo Who? Neutral
  12. @Destroya Crazy Town ( but good townmate)
  13. @T-Pein™ Town
  14. @Ryu Kishi Neutral
  15. @Hayumi Town
Verdict: I believe the scum team could be Light/Anon/FB, and if its not Anon then its Nat.

The end.
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