[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 10 - Antagonists Vs Protagonists

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I honestly got none of the code names in the write up. So Nat is mechanically proven to be scum huh? She was pushing pretty hard along with Light. So perhaps both of them could be a team.
I think so. But Nat looks worse of the 2. She immediately pushed the narrative I might have silenced myself to gain cred. Which is utter bullcrap since I did it once in the Jojo Reg and a second time when my role was just a Stone/Hogyoku which was a friendly Indie.
In a graveyard Savage controlled someones.

Could this be Makima, dunno who else can control people that’s a villain. Only one i see controlling people that’s good is Shinzo from MHA.

Freak wanted to tag along with some to know what are they going to do next !

This is obviously a tracker.

Dependable opened a gate to switch someone.

Bus driver.

Meanwhile a young one was seen reading some confidential information in the lab.


War break out in the dead forest, when raged Seasoned summoned bolt of light and strike their opponent , which they barely managed to avoid

Enel? Lmao

a Grim who wasn't in mood to let criminal free roaming around , roasted them with fist.

Endeavor? Vigi.

The Monster punched someone so hard that they left unconscious for whole night.

No clue about this, but seems like a villain.

A Friend pulled their target, against their will.


A player was in full battle mode , summoned weapon to crush their opponent.

Gilgamesh or Byakuya?

Smartest show their weapon, which they are so proud off. Their opponent was mesmerized by seeing such rare grade weapon.


Skilled summoned light from heaven , almost killed someone.

No clue.

A young man went defensive mode and decided to protect himself.

No clue.

From the long distance A friend was seen watching group of warriors , but the view wasn't clear.

Watcher that got rbed?

In this ferocious battle some warriors got cursed by opponent's mere presence

No clue.

At mansion Lip Cap was seen serving drink to someone , having chat with them. Unaware of what happening outside.


In hidden laboratory in the mansion A young man was seen writing something.

Same guy from earlier who was in lab?
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