[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 10 - Antagonists Vs Protagonists

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if u r town u wud want me lynched not sanji
That's not true. I am still hoping that Sanji flips Wolf here despite me thinking his reactions have been townie. He's just easier and makes a lot more sense as the last Wolf. I have some worries about you because if he flips Town, I have a hard time seeing Tris as being Wolf considering her push and I also don't see Light as Wolf since I'm fairly sure he's Town Vig. That leaves you and Prof and Prof has played a lot better in this game than you. So yeah, I am worried here that Sanji will flip Town meaning you're Wolf, but I'm not going to prioritize that over a check that Tris feels confident about, especially with her acknowledging Flower's failed invest and the possible bastard nature of the game.
If you’re Scum Dest you’ve made an arch enemy lol. But I’ll respect the hustle.
This isn't how I would have played if I was Wolf because I am very aware of how one game's performance can linger in others. If I played like this as Wolf, then I'd know I'd be burning a lot of future bridges and that'd be tough for my future games if I flipped Wolf. So yeah, this is me being townie this game.
Game ended with Mafia winning gaining majority over Town. Independent and Survivor Won. Town Lost

Winners : Mafia
  1. @Light D Lamperouge
  2. @Ekkologix
  3. @TheAncientCenturion
  4. @Finalbeta
  5. @Tobi
Winner : Survivor
  1. @SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo
Winner : Independent
  1. @Destroya
Loser : Town
  1. @Scum Flowa
  2. @Lindltaylor
  3. @Natalija @Midnight Delight
  4. @krogothwolf
  5. @Fruitji
  6. @Marimo_420
  7. @anon
  8. @RippedCal
  9. @Dr_Professor83
  10. @T-Pein™
  11. @Ryu Kishi
  12. @Hayumi
Loser : Independent

Thank you @AL sama for your support . And Thank you to all players who participate in my game. I'm really overwhelmed by your response.

Player of the game :
@Light D Lamperouge
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