[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

  • Total voters
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I don’t know anything about the flavor of this game/theme whatsoever so specify what exactly you want by a flavor claim? Like you want the name of my character?
Yea basically that’s really it. I love Miller claims as I don’t really wanna ever lynch them because it’s a dumb gambit. But doesn’t mean I’m the future it won’t help us with other flavour claims. If that makes sense
I do realize that. For me though it is secondary to you shading me EOD yesterday and then following it up by voting with me which basically confirms your shade on me was FAKE
It wasn’t faked, just exaggerated. There was no point in keeping my vote on anyone other then uwu/Fuji/LM not sure what else there is to say
what should i respond to? its confusing. what exactly do you want me to explain?
i literally responded to you. you completely misunderstood. and so I reiterated what you misunderstood. I was not talking about you, i was talking about my stance on drago. Which if you read the thread fully i showed many many examples in post why i moved on from drago.
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